The best moment to prepare the Jimmy Joy meal

Hi everybody! My name is Marco and I’ve just placed my first order on the shop.
I’d like to use Jimmy Joy for my lunchbreak at work and I’m wondering if it’s possible to prepare the shake the evening before. I’m also not sure about the right way of preserving the shake 'til the moment of the meal: in or out the fridge?

Any experience?

PS: Sorry for my english, but - ehi! - I’m Italian: bad english is kinda part of our DNA! :slight_smile:

What I usually do is weigh the right amount for the shake, add water in the morning @ work and then keep it in the fridge until lunchtime. Having to transport it when it has water inside will make a mess when the lid pops out :wink:

Yeah, I was planning to do the same, but I’ve read somewhere that if you add water after the powder you risk lumps of Plennyshake on the bottom of the shaker…

You can store mixed Plennyshake for about a day in the fridge. I really like the shaker with the mixing-spring-ball so far I have never had any problems with powder not dissolving. Maybe just bring the powder in a seperate bottle and measure the water @work then just ad the powder. Twirl the shaker before shaking it to get all powder a little wet.

That’s a pretty nice advice! I’ll definetely try! :slight_smile:

@dragomac1 Hey compatriot, your english is pretty good :grin:

Hello Marco/dragomac1,

I’ve tried both making+drinking Plennyshake on the spot, and also the make-now-drink-tomorrow method.

Method 1:
Make and Drink Now:Tastes OK for me, but not for most people who had no experience with liquid foods. My colleagues got really turned off, even after I added ice for them! There is a “gritty” feeling to the drink.

Method 2:
Make and Keep For Later: After you prepare Plennyshake, please put it in the fridge. I noticed that at least 3-4 hours in the fridge gives it an altered texture. You still have to shake it after taking it out :slight_smile:
One day I forgot that I pre-made Plennyshake, so I left it in the fridge for 2 days. It actually tasted even better after two days (in my opinion)!

I do not think you should leave it outside of the fridge if you want to drink it another day, just to be safe.

Other Methods:
I read that some people blend their Plennyshake. Too lazy to try!

Also, taste is a preference, do try out whatever works for you!