Chilling on the fridge

New here, I’m not an english native speaker, prepare yourself for the worst xD

You were warned.

I bought plenny shakes for the first time a couple of months ago. I read almost half the reviews I found in the website, and foud out that a lot of people leaves their plenny shakes on the fridge. I tried it with the previous version just to find it 4 or 5 hours later completely rotten (?) like milk gone wrong. I thought it was, maybe, because I got old bags, and the team of jj quickly changed them for new bags of the new type.
I normally drink them straight away, but 2 or 3 times that I prepared them for school and forgot them at home, I found them seemingly normal if I forgot them out of the fridge, and completely spoiled if somebody put them on the the fridge. Does this make any sense to anybody? Is my fridge too strong and maybe too cold and messes up with the ingredients?

Normally it looks like it has separated into dirty water and some kind of foam that smells like hell and tastes bitter and rotten (the first time I thought I just had to shake them back to normal, HUGE MISTAKE)
So, this is pure curiosity since I still read some people leaves them to chill for a while, and I’m in love with warm or room temperature jjs, I won’t stop consuming them.

Also and maybe unrelated, today I tried to make my jj with warm (40/50°C) water and it was outerwordly different. The taste was really good, the texture was the softest I’ve ever experienced and it was the first time that I felt really full, I even had some dificulties finishing it. Also, it made me incredibly thirsty. 100% recommended.

Thoughts? Help? Is it obvious that jj is more of a mediterranean lover than icy lover?
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

PD: Ortographic corrections will be apreciated!

First of: Your English isn’t bad.
But to answer your question, yeah the fridge thing is weird. I too heard that many people like to put theirs in the fridge but when I did that (way back with version 1 I think) it turned into a really gross jelly. Back then I looked everywhere thinking i messed up somehow (leaving it in too long or not long enough, too little water or too much water…) and found out that apparently that is normal and a vocal minority likes the jelly.

What does improve texture is making it ahead of time and just leaving it out at room temperature.


Good to know! I was a bit worried.

Hi there! Plenny Shakes are supposed to stay nice and fresh for at least a couple of hours outside a fridge. As soon as the ingredients start to separate, it’s advisable to give it a good hard shake before consuming! But it should never smell rotten. In the fridge you can easily keep a shake fresh for 12 hours. Outside of the fridge, on room temperature (18-20 degrees) for about 6 hours tops.

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I leave it in the fridge but use an electric hand blender and add a banana. The result of this is a thick smooth shake which is absolutely delicious!

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That sounds tasty, I’ll try it. Thanks!!