Keeping pre-mixed Plennyshake at room temperature

Hi everybody,

I was wondering how long a pre-mixed shake lasts once out of the fridge.

So, I usually mix my shake before I go to bed, keep it in the fridge overnight and then take it out in the morning. After that it will sit on my desk at room temperature for about 8 hours.

I mix a bit more than 1 portion, so it is both my breakfast and lunch in one shake and I drink it throughout the day, because I don’t really like the consistency of “fresh” Plennyshake.

Is this ok to do? It’s just the most convenient way for me, so I would really appreciate some feedback.

Yes it is okay.
I would recommend to not keeping outside for more than 24 hours (sometimes more, maybe even 36 hours, but not sure) or you will start smell musty

I think its too late, if you start to smell it :sweat_smile:
My personal experience is leaving plennyshake
out for more than 8 houres is not good.


8 h is OK, I have eaten it 10 h after preparation a few times. That is with the lid closed, no direct sunlight, and at 25 °C room temperature.

However, I once left Vanilla Vegan out for 24 h in the same conditions, and it spoiled. It had 2-4 mm bubbles at the side of the plastic, possibly fermentation. After shaking, it tasted nasty :skull_crossbones:.

Conclusion: once mixed with water, Jimmy Joy is very perishable; I think it does not have preservatives and all the nutrients are good also for fast-growing microorganisms. Eat it during the day and put in the fridge whenever you can. One night in the fridge is probably OK, but I don’t see the point of storing longer given how fast it is to prepare on demand (personally with cold water).

I agree completely. The only reason I ever pre-mix a shake is because I separate my bag into 5 meals instead of 3, so when I’m away from home for 6 hours (I go to the gym, and then straight to university) I need more than one shake. I make the first one at home, and carry enough powder for the 2nd shake in a separate tupperware. The stuff is so easy to make I’ll clean the shaker bottle and make a new shake in 2 minutes between classes in the university restroom. Why anyone would need to leave theirs in the fridge overnight is perplexing to me.

Hello Artemislav,

We have tested our products on the possibility of microbiological contamination after leaving the the shake with powder and water in the fridge at 9 degrees Celsius for two days. The results showed that our products did not exceed the food safety limits on micro-organisms.

So we can safely say our products are still good to drink after letting the product stand in the fridge for 2 days, or in this case, less then 2 days in the fridge.

with kind regards,