Possible to prepare in advance?

Is it possible to prepare the shake at home in the morning and take it with me to work to drink at lunch time?
Does the shaker leak if I take it already prepared in my bag?
I don’t have a fridge at work.

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That’s pretty much what I have been doing. I used to prepare the shake in the morning, walk about 2.5km to work and drink it during lunchtime. No leaking, no noticeable deterioration. I switched to preparing it at work solely because my lunch schedule has become rather unpredictable and I would recommend consuming a prepared shake within 8 hours without refrigeration - though it should be fine for almost a day in my experience.


Hello VeggieMary and Monsterfurby,

We have tested our products on the possibility of microbiological contamination after leaving the the shake with powder and water in the fridge at 9 degrees Celsius for two days. The results showed that our products did not exceed the food safety limits on micro-organisms.

So we can safely say our products are still good to drink after letting the product stand in the fridge for 2 days. In this case your plennyshake is outside the fridge, but because it’s only for half a day, it should be fine to drink.

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Thanks a lot Karel and monsterfurby!

I would take the opportunity to ask just one more question: I saw some posts about mold findings in jimmyjoy-plennyshake packages. Is it true? Are the batches checked for mold?

Thanks for your help!

what i do is take the shaker with the powder and no water.
it has lasted me for over a week at the office in storage

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I prepare two shakes the day before and store them in the fridge. Then in the morning I drink one of them, the second one I take in my bag just before I leave. I have regular lunch, so I usually don’t drink that until 9-10 hours later.

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Hello VeggieMary,

I haven’t heard this before, is it possible to get the link to the post about the mold growth?

We have analyzes our products on the amount of water the powdermeals contain. We found out that our products are so dry, no microbiological-activity is possible without added water. So i’m very curious how the molds were able to grow, my guess is that water got in contact with the powder, which started the mold growth.

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Hey Karel,

I went back to search for the link I saw and just realised it refers to soylent and not ■■■■■■■:

Thanks a lot for your explanation!

Dear VeggieMary,

Ah I see, indeed a soylent product.
No problem at all, I’m glad I could be of service.

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I have actually changed it up a little since my previous post. It sounded like it would be best to not store it longer than necessary and I also notice that storing it for long can cause some of the shake to be “kind of stuck”/gather up as a slow sauce in the bottom.

I rarely prepare it the day before anymore, but some days I still prepare the water (writing that it sounds weird) for the day before. I basically measure up the water and put it in the fridge. So the water will be extra cold the following day. Then in the morning I just have to measure up the scoops and put the mixed shakes in the fridge some extra minutes before I’m off for work. Actually saves me some time and stress in the morning aswell to prepare the water the day before, lol.

(Basically I want my breakfast shake to be cold)

Either way, it still may take 8-12 hours from I take my lunch/midday shake out from the fridge until I consume it.