How long will mixed powder stay good?

How long after mixing the (vegan) powder with water will it still stay consumable?
Does it help if I put it into the fridge?

I’m thinking about preparing shakes for a couple days in advance to save even more time (batch work is efficient).
Also last week I spontanously went to a restaurant with a friend while having a prepared shake with me and I was not sure if I can consume it the next day or if I have to dump it.

You can definitely premix your shakes if you keep them in the fridge :slight_smile: They should be save to eat after saving them for about 24 hours at least.

Okey good to know. :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to do it multiple days ahead.

How do I know that it is no longer save to eat?
I’m curious to experiment. :wink:

Other than rancid smell/taste, you should consider how much of your diet is Plenny. As soon as you can sense the rancidity, it was already degraded. Similarly, I don’t trust every single lone ingredient in the vitamin/mineral mix to stay high quality in water/air for long, and you need those nutrients.

My diet is about 80-100% plenny depending on the circumstances.
On the soylent reddit they say it says 2 days mixed on the package but some anecdotal evidence suggest that it stays good for 4-5 days in the fridge.

I’ll make some experiments.

Hello, I was wondering how the experiments went.

I’m curious how long it will stay right when it’s not refrigerated. Since I want to pre mix at home and since I work as a train driver I don’t always have a refrigerator at work. On average I will eat it 5/6 hours after making it at home probably.

Would definitely love to hear about those experiments @Lerkes!

@Dr_Jefferson, we have a general rule of thumb for this: 12 hours unrefrigerated - 24 hours refrigerated!