Jimmy Joy first impression


Yesterday evening I got my first order of jimmy joy! Today I’m trying it out for the first time and I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience with you guys.

First of all I would like to talk about the ETA. The ETA should be two business days and shipping. I ordered the product last week on a thursday and I got it a week later on wednesday evening. I think this is pretty good.

This morning I prepared it for the first time and that was very easy. I just measured out 500 mL of water, added 3.5 scoops of jimmy joy , shook the bottle, and it was ready to go. The powder disolved very easily, but the texture was still a bit gritty. However I expected the gritty texture because of a few reviews that I read. The flavour was very good! I tried the vegan vanilla and it was like drinking a gritty not too sweet milkshake in the morning. I’m not used to eating 700 kcal for breakfast so I expected to get very full, but I did not get very full at all. HoweverI do feel satiated, so we will see if it will keep me full. One of the things that I had hoped from jimmy joy is that it would help me save time, but breakfast took just as long as usual. This is the case because drinking coffee always takes the longest for me and my previous breakfast of coco pops with soymilk also did not take that much time to make. I’m thinking about adding the coffee to the jimmy joy next time, maybe that will help. Do you guys know if that will taste good?

Preparing lunch today took veeeery little time! I just rinsed out the bottle and prepared the jimmy joy the exact same way and threw it in my backpack to take with me to class. I’m at the university right now and so far the bottle did not leak at all, that is really great!

This was my first impression of jimmy joy and I will be posting more updates the next few days (or maybe even at the end of the day)!


Today I tried mixing coffee the first time with my vanilla shake. It was heaven :wink:. Seriously I just put one normal coffee and added water till the total of 500 ml. It was a little warm but the taste was more then great. for sure I’m going to do that more often. For the morning I use cappaciono also a very good taste and no need for more coffee.

Yesterday I had jimmy joy for breakfast and lunch, and a muggle dinner. It was very convenient and it filled me up just as much as muggle food.

This morning I had jimmy joy prepared with coffee like stefan86 suggested! That was really good :slight_smile:

So far I did not find many differences between muggle food and jimmy joy, only that jimmy joy takes very little time to prepare and can be consumed on the go. I think I will keep on using jimmy joy when I don’t want to prepare food, it is a great product but I don’t think I would ever want to replace all my food with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will post my opinion on the differend flavour as well next week :stuck_out_tongue: But I will rate the things I’ve tried already:
Vanilla 7/10
Vanilla with coffee 8/10

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