8 days of Jimmy Joy breakfast

I have been drinking Jimmy Joy for breakfast for the last 8 days. Usually I have a hard time eating in the morning and have been skipping breakfast for years. When lunch time arrives I’m starving and already feel low in energy. So… I decided to give Jimmy Joy a try and see if it would help.

Good news. I have been able to have breakfast without any problem (no nausea). Moreover, I feel less hungry during the morning (obvious) and don’t feel that energy break around noon.

Taste wise, chocolate is horrible. I’m now somewhat used to it but it’s still bad. Stawberry is nice and actually tastes somewhat like it. Vanilla is to sweet for me but still good. I also tried mixing flavors and had great results, particularly with strawberry and vanilla! It really changes the taste for the best.

Concerning texture (all flavors are alike), you do feel the grounded oats (which I enjoy). There is also an obvious flour taste/texture (a bit gritty) which seems to get better if you prepare your shakes in advance. I have been preparing my Jimmy Joy at night and leaving it in the fridge for breakfast and it definitely helps with texture. Furthrmore, because I drink it right out of the fridge (quite cold) the taste seems to be much better. I think the cold definitely helps with the taste. In the future I will also try to add some real fruit to the mix to help with taste.

Finally, concerning portions. I use four generous tablespoons per shake (enough to cover the “mixing spring” inside the shaker bottle. But it seems that i’m not using enough powder as the bags are still there, even when taking into account the fact that I mix different flavors. It would be really useful if a scoop was included in the first order with the shaker bottle.

For me, Jimmy Joy serves it’s purpose well (breakfast substitute). I feel good in the morning, as opposed to when I try to eat solid food and have enough fuel until lunch. But the flavors are somewhat “strange” or “fake”. They are not horrendous but they are neither delicious or amazing. The taste is somewhat neutral, which might be a good thing. But there is a characteristic taste to all of the flavors (the oats?) and a gritty texture that might not suite everyone. I’m getting used to the taste of Jimmy Joy (across flavors) and even though some are worse than others, it gets better with time.

Getting Jimmy Joy flavors to taste better and have a more “natural feel” should be the next step. I’m looking forward to try new flavors and experiment with adding stuff to the mix!


Wow, sonds very nice. Is chclate that bad?
A friend of mine gave me a little bit of Jimmy Joy to get the taste, but I drank it directly after mixing and it was not so bad for me.
Now I’m still waiting for my order. :neutral_face:
Have the same reason to get some Jimmy Joy, because of breakfast. :yum:
Hope to see more results of your experiences.

It might be just me (personal preferences)… or I just expected a flavor closer to what real chocolate tastes. But it’s getting better as days go by. Probably I’ll be used to it in a few weeks :slight_smile:
The other only two flavors I had (strawberry and vanilla) are way beter in my opinion. Now i’m looking forward to try mango and banana. Just placed my order today :sunglasses:

Concerning breakfast, yeah so far it’s been great. I can have half a bottle (I tend to like with less water) after my morning shower without any problem. I also seem to be fueled up for the rest of the morning , but I also have a snack half way through the morning (also did it before jimmy joy). Even if it’s some placebo effect going on, at least I eat earlier in the day. Overall, I do like the taste of it and it’s nice to be able to eat in the morning without feeling like I’m torturing myself by eating.

I’ll report back with further comments on new flavors and the effects of this breakfast substituting. I’ll have a better understanding of it’s effects in a few weeks.


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Yay. I got my jimmy joy today. And uhm… it was not so easy to carry it the whole way home. (no car xD)
I took the vegan ones, so I can also try it for some weeks now and will start tomorrow with my first breakfast. :grin:

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Great news Kato-San! I hope it works for you as well as it’s working for me. I’ll be looking forward for your feedback! :wink: