Beating bad eating habits

Hello, I’m new to Jimmy Joy and started 4 days ago.
I’m overweight and have always had a bad relationship with food, so I decided to try this instead of skipping meals or binge eating chocolate.
I’ve often found myself with very low energy levels because of skipping meals.

I ordered the chocolate, coffee and mango plenny shakes and the chocolate bars. I expected them to taste awful as I’m very picky but I don’t mind the taste and I actually enjoy the coffee one a lot.

4 days and what a 4 days it’s been, I feel less bloated, I’m not picking at sweet stuff and I have more energy.

My intentions were to have it for lunch every day and my evening meal is a strict healthy calorie controlled meal. However I’ve really enjoyed having it for breakfast and don’t find myself all that hungry at lunch so I have something small.

I am really enjoying the Coffee shake, mixed with cold water and ice.
I’d love any advice on how to make the chocolate shake taste a bit better as it does have a bit of an aftertaste.

I’m excited to see what the future holds, I’ll be recommending these to my dad as he struggles to find time to eat.

P.s if you could do a Gluten free one that would be great, my husband would love to try it after he’s seen how much better it’s made me feel.

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Welcome! i’m glad we can help.

Please also make sure to read the following article on weight loss and how to do this in a healthy way.

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Hi thanks, I’ve read that.
I’ve also run all of my plans past my doctor as I’ve got some health problems. And he’s happy with it :blush:

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That’s great! So happy to hear our products are working this well for you <3 <3

As for the chocolate flavor: our new V3 plenny shake has a new and improved flavor, so perhaps Chocolate will be more to your liking. I’m also curious to see how they compare to the v2.1 for you!

As for how to improve the chocolate flavor, what is the aftertaste like?

For me it’s a powdery taste, I’ve combatted it by mixing one scoop chocolate and one scoop coffee. I do have a bag of version 3 chocolate but I’m trying to finish my v2 first.

update now I’ve been using Jimmy Joy for 3 and a half weeks.

Bit of back story I’m drinking this with the full support and supervision of my doctor.

I have a number of health problems including IBD, which has left me pretty much housebound since 2014.

Here’s what happened for me. I decided to try jimmy joy in the hopes that it would help me with bad eating habits, I tend to skip meals then get hungry or my sugar would drop and binge on chocolate. Which not only makes me feel awful but doesn’t help with my weight. I would have wheatabix for breakfast and I eat a strict 400-600 calorie meal of meat and vegetables at around 5-6pm.

First I started by trying it as lunch, however I found that by meal time I was still full from the shake so I tried it for breakfast and that worked a treat.

I drink it at breakfast and by 5-6 I’m ready to eat, I don’t binge on sugar foods anymore. Now for the interesting part, I had no expectation other than it to help me not binge eat.

It has given me a new lease of life, I no longer feel fatigued, my sleep has improved and the most shocking of all is that my IBD is better controlled than it’s ever been. I’m not getting agonising tummy pain or rushing to the bathroom upwards of 20 times a day.

I know that this could be temporary but this is the best I’ve felt since 2014, thank you jimmy joy.

I’ve also lost 4lbs yay!!


Soooo glad to hear it’s been going so well for you since you started with our products, wow!! I never ever expected this, it’s really heartwarming and the whole team here is very happy for you <3

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and taking the time to go into detail about it.

Keep it up and keep us posted on any developments.

Much love from us here in Amsterdam <3