I'm completely new, I have a few questions!

Hi! I’m completely new to the idea of meal replacement foods and drinks. As my current lifestyle is rather unhealthy - think lunch room vending machine level healthy - I want to change it. Rather, I need to change it. I chug Monster Energy drinks around 3 PM to keep up, I’m overweight, and I am far from the best I can be. I just have a few questions:

How long does it take to get over the shakeout to occur? I mean, for your body to really transition over? Jimmy Joy is supposed to be very good at preventing/ending the midday doldrums, and the sooner I’m over that the better - if only for my wallet! (Fun fact: a meal of Jimmy Joy costs about as much as a bottle of Monster on Amazon.)

Do you get tired of the food? My doctor and I discussed it, and while he said it could be healthy, I’d naturally crave other textures and flavors.

You can honestly live off this stuff, right? I mean, just this? Sorry, just is a bit hard for me to get my head around.

Thanks in advance!

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Great to hear you’re interested in Jimmy Joy!

Well, I wouldn’t really say your body will have a transition or so, but you may indeed start to loose weight and feel fitter once you start using our products. However, getting completely fit of course also requirers eating less junkfood and exercising and all - using healthy meal replacement shakes is a start though!

This really depends per person. We have customers who replace all of their meals by Jimmy Joy, but we also have customers who just use it for breakfast and lunch for example, and have something else for dinner. I would advice you to experiment with this a little to find out what works best for you :slight_smile:

And yes, you can live off it!


I ate Jimmy Joy 100% as a food experiment for six months straight Feb-Aug 2016 here is the link, enjoy!

I am independent from Jimmy Joy as in I do not work for them nor did I charge any money for doing so.

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Actually, your experiment was one of the reasons I am trying Jimmy Joy! Thank you for the really good documentation. It’s funny, for all the time we spend eating food, we don’t spend much time studying it scientifically, huh?


That’s good to know, I am glad you enjoyed the experiment. Jimmy Joy is a wonderful product! There is a lot of fuss about food with in the way people view it, yet no ever tries to set back and analyze it. =)


I just started with Jimmy Joy a small week ago, so I can’t speak from a lot of experience, but I too had an unhealthy relationship with eating prior to starting with Jimmy Joy , I always craved sweets and junk food and was always unable to keep myself from giving in to temptation, which lead to being overweight and feeling bad about my body. Of course one week of Jimmy Joy doesnt change my body, but I can speak to the “trasition phase” or whatever you might call it. I eat 100% Jimmy Joy on weekends and on weekdays I eat every meal except lunch as Jimmy Joy (my university has a very healthy, cheap soup every day that I eat instead).

First few days were fine, since it was new and exciting, but of course once that wears off I started to crave other foods, craved chewing and that gratifying blood-sugar rush, but I managed to push through it, and now, in the second weekend , I don’t really have a problem with it any more. I guess there is a kind of “detox” in getting off sugar and fatty foods - I read somewhere it acts on your brain like nicotine and cocaine. I would advise to go into a project like this, knowing that it might be hard at first, and really exercise what little self-control one might have (I have next to none). It really has made me feel better about myself, and my body, besides it even helped with acne and my skin generally looks a lot better.

That said, just because Jimmy Joy makes up, for example, 90 % of ones diet, doesnt mean you can’t eat other things, thats where Jimmy Joy differs from e.g dieting shakes, because it is a 1:1 replacer of a meal. For me it serves as the spine, the constant of my diet, and whenever in the future I feel like having something else for dinner, I can go for it, and since I have made a change to my life, that food is then more likely to be healthy rather than junk food, because that habit has been replaced by a new one.

Hope this helps, and apologies for the bad writing, I’m not an English speaker.


M, 26