Does Jimmy Joy fill you up properly like a regular meal would?

I am a pretty big dude, and pretty overweight to boot (1m84, 102kg). The products look good to me, but if it leaves me starving after every meal it’d be pretty counter productive. not saying i need to be stuffed, just want to last to the next meal without snacks in between

Also, what consists of a single jimmy joy meal? is it a single shake, a drink, a bar or all at the same time?

Hmm, it depends on a number of factors but i would say the Plenny Shake fills you up the most since it has the most volume.

We wrote an article on the science behind feeling hungry. I’d recommend to check it out!

I’ve been drinking Plenny Shakes for roughly a year and a half consistently. I drink them because I like the taste, they are convenient, cheap, AND they fill me up when other foods won’t.

I lost 150 pounds several years ago and always struggled finding high-volume foods to make me feel satisfied. Since Plenny Shakes are mostly liquid and I can control the volume-to-calorie ratio, it’s a great fit.

Two Tips:

  1. Wait 30 minutes to an hour after drinking a shake to feel the “full” effect. Since drinking something is typically faster than eating, it takes a bit after finishing a shake for your body to recognize that you “ate” something.

  2. If you want a greater “full” effect without the calories, add more water to increase the volume. While this won’t last as long as simply consuming more powder, it will curb the edge in the short-term.

Regardless, I would recommend these for “feeling full”… just give your self at least 30 - 60 minutes after drinking 1 or 2 shakes before you expect the “full” feeling. I sometimes drink 2 in a row to really hit the spot.


thanks for your response! if you dont mind answering another question, what meals have you replaced? do you use it for breakfast and lunch? and do you also drink it on weekends (basically days you’re not busy)? Im curious to know other people’s routines.

In the meantime ive gotten a starterpack and the shakes do fill up, even 2 scoops does the job suprisingly well.

I’ve been eating shakes from this company since 2016. The ‘warning’ I often give people when they want to try it out is: “Don’t drink too fast, it’s like drinking a pizza”, because if you drink it too fast, it can land quite hard.

My portions are probably larger than the standard; 500ml water with 4 scoops of plennyshake powder, and if I’d eat three it’d be a day’s worth (one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner). Though usually I go for one regular meal, because I think it’s important to keep chewing on things from time to time. I essentially treat regular food as a snack — things like salads, or the new plenny pots. Though those kind of meals are a bit smaller, so I have to keep an eye on how much I still need if I eat those.