Feeling full after a ready-to-drink Plenny

So long story short, I have very little appetite and I have to force myself to eat all the time. (Except sweet stuff & deserts, which isn’t exactly healthy). My goal is to actually gain weight but the healthy kind!

So I tried Plenny for that reason, so that I could get more healthier & nutritious meals in, with less effort.

However I end up feeling really full after drinking half of a ready-to-drink meal. Does anyone experience the same?

If I force it too much, my stomach gets really upset, which is not uncommon for me but since half a drink is only 200 cal, thats a bit less common.

Any tips? Best time of the day for this type of meal?


You could buy plenny shake powder and mix it with less water, that way you’d get more nutrition out of the same volume. Maybe you’d also find a flavor you like better than the drink.


Thanks for your post about this!

As was commented already, you could indeed try adding a little water extra, but I think the best option may be to look into the Plenny Shakes instead of the Plenny Drinks. With the Shakes, you can decide the amount of powder and/or water/milk you want to use and this way you can adjust it to your wishes more specifically.

Your goal for weight gain, the good way ;), is something we looked into already and you can check that out in this article: Complete Guide to Weight Gain [Checklist included] – Jimmy Joy

We hope this will get you further in your journey, we’re in your corner for it! :green_heart:

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They’re all correct, try the powder plenny! :slight_smile: DON’T do this (although no-one’s suggested it so far)

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