Gain or Lose weight with Jimmy Joy

hello, (i am french so sorry for the bad english)

i am a male of 18 years old, i am very very skinny and i have many difficulty in my family to eat well etc…
i am 50 kilos for 178 centimeters i lose weight very quickly and it’s hard for me to gain i don’t eat a lot

i wanted to know if i take a plenny shake bag every day, if it would stabilize my weight, (because 2100 kcal is good) and if i could gain weight and stabilize or lose weight, because in many videos i see people lose weight so i wanted to know…


Plennyshake has the average kcal a human body needs, so the longer you eat Plennyshake the closer you’ll get to the average weight, i think. Logic?

Plennyshake is food. Period.

Gaining weight is the result of consuming more calories than you burn.

Losing weight is the result of burning more calories than you consume.

You just want to consume more calories. If you determined that 2100 kcal is needed for you to gain weight, then 2100 kcal of Plennyshake will result in you gaining weight.


I’m male, 184 cm and used to weigh about 62 kg. I’ve always weighed around 60 kg as an adult, I was always a bit skinny. I gained about 8 kg in about two months by consuming over 3000 kilocalories a day (oftentimes around 3500 even) in that period. Jimmy Joy sure makes it easy to keep track of calories as well as ingest extra calories. It still was hard work though.

I would usually eat one bag of Plennyshake a day (3 shakes), plus a handful of nuts and a handful of peanuts. Sometimes a smoothie from Greek yoghurt and fruit, sandwiches with lots of real butter, cheese, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg and mayonaise, sandwiches with lots of real butter and a thick layer of peanut butter. I would also regularly snack some toast with brie. Drink two glasses (400 ml) of whole milk a day. Eat any food other people offered me. Eat that fourth meal at 10.30 at night or drink another Plennyshake after coming home late before going to bed.

Decide the minimum amount of calories you want/need to eat in a day, and get an app to keep track of your calorieintake. Or only eat Plennyshake, then it’s very easy :slight_smile:

I have since lowered my calorie intake and stayed at over 70 kilograms. Lots of people I know started telling me that I somehow look very good these days!

After using Jimmy Joy approx. 80% for almost three months now, I’ve noticed not only that I’m slowly losing excess weight but also that my food cravings have significantly decreased. These shakes seem to be an unexpected solution after decades of food addiction and weight gain. I like that it is not a weight loss product, because such products generally can’t be used long term. I don’t want to get too excited just yet, but I will keep using Jimmy Joy for as long as possible to see how far it will take me.

One of our ambassadors wrote a short blog about this. You can read it here:

We will have more content coming up about gaining weight whilst using Plenny shakes :slight_smile:

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