JimmyJoy - maybe too heavy on calories

Hello I’m new to Jimmy Joy Plenny food range for about 5 weeks now going onto 6.
I started using this to replace breakfast and started eating healthy in order to lose weight. To my surprise spinning every alternate day 45 mins and weight training at gym the other alternate days - spanning 6 days a week I have not dropped a single KG - could be that I am replacing body fat with muscle but I also still have the tyre and “moobs” - so not sure what is going on - lunch is a salad and dinner is a salad - 5 weeks and zero results- not sure if the Plenny isbmaybe too heavy calories wise or what - maybe a consultation with a nutritutionalist/ dietician would work

The Plenny shake is not heavy on calories, 100g is 400kcal and that is the norm in the industry.

I recommend using this calculator to know how many calories you can eat during the day: https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html

I roughly know how many calories the food, that I normally eat, contains and I can easily lose almost half a kg a week by being in a very slight caloric deficit. I’m not even very active, I do some weight training 2 times a week and sometimes play table tennis.

You should probably weigh the foods that your normally eat and find out how many calories that amount contains. I don’t know what type of salads you eat and what type of dressing you use but there are salads that can contain 1000kcal! For reference, I consume 1700kcal a day as I’m cutting right now.

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Great tip from @Karl! At this stage it’s important to know how many calories you need to lose a little weight. Also, consider changing your routine to focus more on your upper body if you want to get strong pecks etc.

Check out these blogs, they might help:

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