Hi ! Newbie in this kind of food!

Hi people !
I would like to introduce myself because everything is new for me and i am a little lost in this new world :smiley:
I bought 3 plenny shake vanilla, 3 plenny shake coffee and a pack of plenny bar.

My goal with Jimmy Joy is to lost some weight. Actually i am 29 years old men, 189cm and ±95kg. So i am really too fat for me ! I want to change the mean how i eat because it’s mostly compose of fast food, cookies,… And i think i can control my weight with Jimmy Joy :slight_smile:

I will change my morning and evening meals. I will eat Hellofresh for lunch (more healty than fast food :smiley: ±900kcal).

Do you have some advice for me? How much Kcal i need to aim? Can i combine bar and shaker? Because your bar is so tasty ! :open_mouth:

Thanks ! Have a nice day !


Hey Jerome,


I think there are a lot of people around here who can help you to start with a nice program and there are literally thousands of tools floating all over the internet, like this: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/weight-loss-calculator.

You can fill those tools in, to see what calorie intake will suit your new lifestyle :smiley: Once you know how much (or less :smiley: ) calories you need, you can easily measure our products! It’s easy as that!

And yes, you can definitely combine the shakes and the bars! We created them to offer some variety to our product line!

Welcome on board and best of luck on the journey my friend :))

I can tell you from experience that I never used to count calories, ever! But since I started using JimmyJoy to subsitute around a quarter to half of my meals (depends on mood and stress/time constraints) I have definitely been a lot more mindful about calories and the way I consume them and take them in.

I’m sure it will be a journey of fun, learning, taste, and self-discovery, all in a neat package for you and looking forward to hear how it’s going in the coming weeks! :grin:

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