I wonder who uses JJ to lose weight?

I would like to lose 10 kg with JJ, what are your experiences?


I was using them for that (specifically, the bars) before the supply issues started. I don’t think I could have done it with the shakes; in fact, quite positive. They digest too quickly and don’t keep me full for nearly as long. I was, however, also counting calories. 1,600 a day was my weight loss calorie goal, and I could do that with four bars spread out about 4 hours apart. That seemed to work to keep my hunger in check, with only the occasional late night desire for a snack. As for nutrition, it seemed to keep me relatively stable. I’m sure the nutritional absorption isn’t anywhere near 100%, but it’s enough that I didn’t seem to experience any nutritional deficiencies. As for my energy, it was also stable. I wasn’t bouncing off walls with energy or anything, but I also never found myself feeling weak from this diet plan. So, if you’re okay with “mono eating,” some of their products can absolutely be used on a successful diet plan. I’ve lost 10 lbs. so far in about 3 to 3-and-a-half months.

I hope that helps!


To me Jimmy Joy’s great utility is ease of calorie counting - you can work out how many calories you need in a day, work out how much you need to eat for let’s say a deficit of 500, and then simply eat exactly that much. I lost a stone on Jimmy Joy (plus exercise).


I was 97.5 kg in February. I decided to make some changes in my life. In June I weighed just under 80kg. That was my goal… from there on im trying to find al balance in my life. Eating healthy but still enjoying my comfort foods. And excercise, staying mobile. e. g. don’t watch 4. 5 episodes of a Netflix show anymore in one night. I’m still struggling in a lot of areas… but ok, about JJ:

I did not loose those kilo’s only because of Jimmy Joy alone. But it made it a lot easier for me. I ate the bars and shakes before… also tried another brand. But in February I choose to really go for it. I love the bars, shakes and pots. I use about 3 flavors of the bars. Shakes I like 5 of them but mostly use the vanilla now… do usually have 2 or 3 flavors around. Also have a stock of 2 flavors of the pots.

Overall, I use the bars mostly for lunch. Sometimes for diner. The shakes it’s the other way around. The pots for diner and sometimes lunch. I mostly just love the convenience! It saves me time. Especially when I’m home late from work. I’m tired, stressed and hate it that I still have to cook so more than once that ends up in a fast food option. Or a quick sandwich. Now, I don’t stress about it … I come home around 7.15 , 7.30pm… I change my clothes. Shower. Make a coffee and have a plenny bar. So relaxed.

I’m emphasizing a bit on that "relaxed " and time saving part because for me it’s a big deal. I live a very stressful life because of several personal issues going on. And I have irritable bowel syndrome. Which is a bad combination with stress.

To make it short: the plenny bars, shakes and pots really helped me. For me they fill me up enough. No hunger. I do drink a lot of water during the day. Since I reached my goal weight, I dont use them twice every day anymore but still at least one meal a day is a bar, shake or pot. I love them and as i said, love the convenience.

Sorry for the long text. Bad habit of mine …


I absolutely loved your “long text”, don’t be sorry for it! Your story is very inspiring and relatable! Im sending the warmest internet hugs for your personal issues, i know how hard life can get 🫂


It’s fantastic that you’re sharing your experiences with such details and openness. It is very helpful :green_heart:
For a bit of theory, here is our Complete Guide To Fat Loss


Thank you for sharing your story, 10 pounds, well done!

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Yes indeed I find it very easy to calculate what you can eat. A stone, well done, I hope it goes that smoothly for me too!


Thank you for sharing your story, very inspiring.
I’ve been on it for a week now and I’m a big fan. I am absolutely not hungry, the products are tasty in contrast to other brands.
In the meantime I have already lost 2 kg!


To maintain weight, I need to consume about 1,800 calories per day. When losing weight, I normally aim to consume around 1,200 calories a day, maybe a little less if it’s a short cut and if I can stand it. Recently I found a trick that’s been working so well for me that it feels like I found a cheat code at losing weight.

What I do is split my 1,200 calories per day into two shakes that are 600 calories each. Of that 600 calories, 500 calories is Plenny Shake and 100 calories is protein powder. (I use pea protein powder, but maybe this trick would work with other types.) Each of these 600 calorie shakes is filling to me for a way longer time than if I were consuming 600 calories of just Plenny Shake or 600 calories of traditional food. They pretty much keep me from being hungry for most of the day. Honestly I’m shocked this has been working so well, considering I didn’t think a shortcut like this was even possible in cutting.

Note that I have to use extra water in these 600 calorie shakes that have protein powder in them, or else they’re way too thick compared to just pure Plenny Shake. For a 600 calorie shake that includes protein powder, I normally use about 450 milliliters of water. Also note that the shakes taste notably worse with the protein powder in them, but the trade off is worth it to me.

No clue if this would be effective for others though. Your mileage may vary.

I lost 12kg since April.
JJ helps ease calorie tracking and to get everything you need on a deficit.
Some days i go with 100% JJ products and some days i have other meals.
I think it’s important for me to not to rely on JJ for 100% of my meals because it’s not sustainable with my lifestyle.
If i would go 100% JJ and lose weight i would not develop healthy eating habits and gain it all back after reaching my goal.
I have to learn to go to partys with a lot of tasty free food and don’t binge and go out and order appropriate stuff and not super size everything and so on.
So for me it’s about developing healthy habits and JJ is great for weight controll but i would not go on a 100% JJ diet to lose weight without a plan on what to do if you reach your goal and a focus on learning healthy habits.