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Firstly thank you to YouTube for the constant ads about Jimmy Joy, after what felt like the 1000th ad I decided to visit the advertiser out of curiosity and after some “scientific” Googling I placed my first order today and am excited to have my first shake/meal.

On 1 September 2021 my doctor said now that I’m 50 I need to start taking better care of myself, I weighed 112kg on a 5’11 frame (sorry for the mixed measurements), I immediately started a change in diet, cut out all sugar that wasnt natural, especially fizzy drinks and upped my protein intake. Coupled with a modest exercise regimen by the 1 September 2022 I weighed 97kg, but have now stagnated. I’m hoping by joining this wonderful community, I will reach my goal of 90kg - not my perfect weight but Im 51 now and want to still have some joy in life lol

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Welcome to the JJ-family! :green_heart:

I suggest you have a look here; Complete Guide To Fat Loss [Checklist included] – Jimmy Joy for some tips and insights.

We are happy to be in your corning for this goal and we’re sure you will get some great feedback on anything you ask our amazing community here.

Good luck @ChrisR.

I would definitely check out the post that Daniel shared. Try to ease into the new diet changes. What matters most is consistency. Keep us posted!

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I found losing fat easier with Nutrilett and bread in addition to JimmyJoy. I lost over 30kg in a year. JJ is not as great at keeping you not feeling hungry. After you reach your goal JJ is probably the healthier option.

Thanks for adding with your personal experience. :green_heart: