Carnivore on JimmyJoy

Ok, so here’s me. 58 year old male, committed and highly dedicated carnivore. Over the last 8 years or so I was the principle care giver for a family member who sadly passed away recently. During that 8-year period, my lifestyle was totally sedentary and the extra kilos started packing on.

A friend of mine started using JimmyJoy meal replacements and introduced me to the concept. Just coming into my second month now and have to be totally honest. no complaints.

I’m on something like a 1,000 calorie daily deficit. Breakfast is a shake, around 11am I have half a bar, Plenny Pot for lunch, the remainder of the bar around 4pm. Dinner is usually a cooked meal, chicken, fish or steak being the main protagonists.

I’ve always been a big salad eater but a purely vegan diet isn’t something I’d even consider, let alone stick to. I must admit, the convenience of the JimmyJoy products is a huge plus for me. There is no way in hell I’d start weighing stuff and working out calorie contents for every single thing I eat.

I’ve had most of the available tastes now and nothing really negative to report. I do make the shakes in a blender though. They tend to come out a bit smoother but that’s a personal thing and certainly not a complaint.

Long story short: 94.3 Kilos this morning, down from 96.2 Kg when I started, so I don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

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Hi Apter,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and story so far with us here, it’s very much appreciated!

Your story is almost identical to my own and I recognize a lot of what you say, especially the part about not giving up on meat and weighing stuff made me smirk a little. For me, the change came when I started working at Jimmy Joy and I can honestly say it has improved my quality of life over the long term now.

We are very happy to be in your corner for this lifestyle change and it’s absolutely fantastic that it is working out so well for you. Feel free to let us know where we can improve or if you would have any suggestions for products or anything else, the feedback from our customers is instrumental for us as a company.

Good luck going forward with this, and if ever you need assistance, have questions or just want to tell us your favorite movie, feel free to check in with the customer care team through the Live Chat option on the website or


Daniel hi and thanks for the very encouraging post.

Giving up meat isn’t an option. Cutting back Yes, but giving up no. Like I mentioned I’m a big salad eater anyway and absolutely love pulses (typical Mediterranean diet) but fish and meat play a big part of that. Plus I like meat!

I am pleased with the progress so far and find all the meals more than acceptable. I used to be a big snacker but I find myself doing less and less of that. JJ meals are tasty and filling, for me at least.

Onwards and upwards, or rather downwards back to my ideal weight!

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60 yr old here. I switched 12 months ago, using Huel for 6 months and JJ for the last. Over 4 yrs ago i switched to a plant based diet and feel alot better. Off all prescriptions, lost over 40#'s.

I think you having one carnivore meal a day is great. Much better then 3!. I have learned that over time you may find that your tastes change and a really good 3 bean chili :yum: is better then one made with meat.

Good for you and keep up the great progress.

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Thanks for that. Nice to see more oldies here!

I grew up with on a Mediterranean diet so fresh vegetables and fruit were always part of every meal. I eat a lot of salads and pulses but meat as well. For us, salads are part of pretty much every meal but meat plays a bit part as well. I guess balance in everything is key.

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I also try to avoid dairy. I have a few friends that have and they did not realize that they were lactose intolerant. They feel much better.

Good luck and cheers


Just received my 3rd and 4th orders. I ordered with a three-week gap between the two but the first one delayed a lot. It’s a bit hit and miss with the deliveries. If they hit the connections ok, they usually get here (Cyprus) in about a week tops. If they don’t or they get held up at customs, they can take anything up to three weeks. Not a fault of JJ in any way.

I’m still on the same schedule. Not looking to cut anything else out. Meat and dairy still play a part of my diet. Weight loss is progressing well and there’s nothing really to beat the convenience. Down to 91.8 Kg, so all is well.


Great progress. Well done.