Just tried my first shake

Hi everyone!

My name is Suzanne and today I received my first batch off Plenny shakes. I tried the banana and it tasted good, I noticed my stomach is not used to "eat " like this. But I guess it will take a few days to getting used to it. Also I found it a little too powdery which I don’t like, so I put in extra water.
I need to loose some wait, so I am using less scoops than the 3.5 scoop. I do work-out in the gym twice a week so on those days I will drink more. I am planning on only drinking Plenny shakes for 2 weeks and then see what happens.


Heya Suzanne,

Welcome to our forum and nice to hear that you started using our products!
It can indeed sometimes need some adapting of the body to get used to it.

Loosing weight with Plenny Shake is an awesome idea, with Plenny Shake it is also easy to keep track of your calorie intake. The planning for two weeks of Plenny Shakes sounds great, if you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to ask!

With love,


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It’s definitely great for weight loss. I went from 115kg to 93kg in three or four months last year. Although I cannot emphasize enough that calorie tracking was the main reason for this - Plenny Shakes (or Joylent, back then) were just a way of making tracking reliable and easy while also making sure that I got a balanced diet. I didn’t rely entirely on the shakes, either, having them for dinner while eating normal (albeit trackable) lunch.

One thing you will notice is that you’ll start craving salty and/or greasy foods more as you get used to the shake. That’s the actual wall you have to power through by force of will. Once your body has adjusted, you’ll be fine.


I just ordered my second batch of powders :slight_smile:
Conclusion after one week:

  • putting the shake in the fridge for 15-30 minutes and put in some ice cubes makes the taste so much better!
  • I hated the vanilla, the Mango is OK, strawberry, banana and chocloate are my favs!
  • I was having some headaches, I think because of lack of sugar (which is good)

About weight loss:
it was going way to fast, I lost almost 2kg in 1 week, but I feel very good. I am going to put in an extra scoop though…

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it definitely works for weight loss. I’ve been tracking my weight for the last year, and as soon as I started using Jimmy Joy, the rate increased visibly - you can actually see it very clearly in the graph on the top of this page:

you can see that at the 1st of June, my weight started decreasing at a rate of about 100g per day.

if using for weight loss, though, you may not be consuming the full daily portion, in which case you are getting less than your recommended dosage of nutrients. I get around this by taking a multivitamin tablet every day as well. it’s not a perfect solution, though.



Received my third batch last week (same day delivery!). Weight loss is going slower now, but I am very satisfied.
I drink Plenny for breakfast and lunch and for diner just ordinary food :slight_smile: When I have days when I eat too much (birthday or dinner party for instance) I drink Plenny for dinner as well the days after. This way I don’t gain any weight.