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I just bought the vegan banana powder to give this liquid meal thing a try!

I have these periods of time where I just hate making breakfast, eventhough I’m hungry, so I thought this might be a good solution for that ^^ Next to that I am a busy, busy student and often find myself lacking the time or motivation to make healthy meals and resort to things like noodles, kebab, pizza - not healthy!

I am currently excercising regularly to try to get in a better shape. I would like to see how the Plenny Shakes could help with that too :slight_smile:

I just made my first shake. At first it was quite gritty, but after leaving it in the fridge for half an hour it was actually smooth. I added some more water than recommended because I found it a bit on the thick side, I also added some rice drink for taste and smoothness. I did notice that it felt quite ‘heavy’ on my stomach. I took a few sips and had to drink water after it because it felt so dense! I do hope I will just get used to that feeling. I would like to lose some weight, but not that much, so I do need to get in enough of the shakes.

I think I will just start with the shakes for breakfast and gradually replace my lunch and dinner with it too :slight_smile:

Very much looking forward to reading everbody’s experiences and tips on here ^^



Thanks for sharing. You could also try using a blender to get it even smoother :slight_smile:

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