Have you noticed any changes since you started with your Plenny meals?

Hey, Jimmy Joy rookies & experts!
We’re super curious to know if you’ve noticed any changes since you started with your Plenny meals.

Are you feeling better? Or maybe worse?? More or less energy? Gained or lost weight?

  • Feeling better
  • Feeling worse
  • More energy
  • Less energy
  • Gained weight
  • Lost weight
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You need a “no change” option.


Since I started? That’s a while back.
In general: significantly reduced number of migraines. Gained some weight I maybe needed, also gained some I probably didn’t (but my metabolism probably also shifted a bit). Some of the recipe changes coincided with some acid reflux, which wasn’t great, but possibly correlation, not causation. Or maybe I just needed a way to help my gut adjust.

In any case, I have been recommending this stuff since I started eating it, as it has definitely had plenty of positive effects on my life. Even mentally, as having it to fall back on made trips and family dinners less daunting, letting me focus on the few things I did want to eat, without having to worry about getting enough nutrients.

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Lost 15.5 kg, since May of this year (down to 69.95kg as of todays weigh in)
Pleny has definitely helped but you also have to take responsibility for your own food choices.
We don’t eat bread for example, except for special occasions, I don’t drink and I’m vegan)
I also run 50-70k per week so exercise is definitely part of the weight loss for sure.
But using Pleny definitely helped me to make healthier food choices as I didn’t want to undo the good that it was doing

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