Feeling hungry + headache

Hi, I just got my JimmyJoy supply a few days ago and started using it yesterday, my plan is to have 2 shakes at the office (together 1400 kcal) and then have a regular dinner at home. So I had my 2 shakes at the office yesterday and was literally starving and had a headache. Even after eating quite a big dinner at home last night I still felt hungry. Today, I have just finished my first shake and I’m still super hungry and starting to have a headache again. Anyone experienced something similar? I mean 1400 kcal for 8-9 hours at the office shouldn’t be that little right? Some people eat this amount per day. I wonder what is the reason…

Hi! I’ve been drinking Plenny shakes a couple of weeks now (1-2 per day) and I must say I feel sated and energetic throughout the day, even more so than other meal replacements I tried previously.

Have you tried switching back to your usual eating habits to check if you still experience those issues?
Also, if you’ve never tried a “liquid” diet before, maybe it will take a little time to adjust. You could try easing in by having just 1 shake per day.

I would recommend checking in with your doctor if you still feel ill (maybe bring a pouch along).

Hope you can sort this out… cheers!


It’s the sugar in them… if you are sensitive to sweeteners, the one used in this shake will spike your blood sugar the same way as if you have a snickers for a meal, and then you will of course be hungry shortly after. I’ve been asking for a different artificial sweetener to be used since this crew started, so far it seems to still be the same :wink:

I’ve tried blending the shake with water and ice before to “feel” fuller, you can give that a try as well :slight_smile: good luck!

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Hi there! I think you might still feel hungry because the calories in our products are way more compact than they can be in other food, or perhaps you’re used to eating a lot more :slight_smile: If you’ll stay hungry after drinking a shake I would advise you to add more powder to it - or ask a dietician for advise!



Is it Your first contact with powdered food? I can tell You from my experience that You have to get used to it. You and Your body has to know the diference beetween being hungry and having little in the stomach. Planny Shakes give You a lot of energy (kcal) but takes little space in Your belly. So the belly is like ‘hmm not much here, hey- give me something!’ This fealing can be taken as being hungry.
I can give You 2 advices:
a) give Your self a few days on Plenny Shake only- weekend for example
b) try to eat it slow- eat the same amount of powder but in 4 servings (every 2 hours) instead of 2 (every 4 hours). Usualy I make 6 shakers from every bag (2 spoons, filled with water). Or make a normal shake but don’t drink it all at once- eat some of it and then, take a sip everytime You feel hungry. It will take You through the day at the office.
I had similar problem at the beginning- now I sometimes find myself in the evening realising I ete just half of bag and it’s time for bed :slight_smile:

This is all taken from my personal experience (I’m with Jimmy Joy for a long time)- mayby it will not work for You.

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How many grams of powder are you consuming daily?

I drink two shakes a day, each 200 grams of powder with 600 grams of water (total 1600 calories). Depending on when I drink them, they can keep me full the entire day. Sometimes I need a light snack (an additional 100-200 calories) around dinner time. I also drink a lot of water throughout the day that definitely helps to keep me full.

I wonder if you are putting enough powder in your shakes. Or maybe your stomach has yet to adjust (and shrink) to your new diet.

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Thanks everyone for your comments and sharing your experience! You were right! It was just the first 2 days when I didn’t feel so well - I guess my body needed to get used to it!I feel great now. I also may have used a little less powder than I should. It says 3,5 scoops should be 700 kcal - and that’s what I was aiming for per 1 shake, but after 3 shakes i still had some powder left in the bag - so I guess the powder must be a little ‘hilly’ on the scoop not flat like I used to measure (not sure if you know what I mean but don’t know how to describe it better, haha). Anyway thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Yay! Perfect to hear you’re feeling better now :slight_smile: