First time with Jimmy Joy

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday I had my first day with Jimmy Joy but I have had some problems with the assimilation of the product.
After taking it for the first time, I felt quite heavy and VERY sated, I did not think at any time that I had so much satiating power.
The problem in question is that taking it hurts my stomach a lot, even with nausea (and has nothing to do with the taste) that ends up disappearing at the hours. My stomach is swollen with gas all day long, which prevents me from having a normal day, on top of being very sore.
I have been reading all the components and I can not find any that may be intolerant. All the bags I bought are vegans (I’ve been doing it for many years without any problems)

Does anyone know why I feel this way? It is normal? Yesterday I could not take the last dose because I was saturated.


Francis M.

Hi Francis! I’m sorry to hear drinking our shakes made you feel this way :pensive: Perhaps one bag a day is too much for you? As everybody is different, not everyone actually needs to consume around 2146,5 kcal per day (which is the amount of calories in one vegan bag). I would advice you to experiment a little with using less Plennyshake, or perhaps by drinking smaller meals spread over more than just 3 times a day. You could also only replace one or two meals with Plennyshake to start with, and replace your whole day once your body is used to it.

I hope this helps a little! Just let me know if you need more tips or have any questions :relaxed:

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