My experience with plenny shake v3 1 week in

Hey all,
last week I received my first ever box of Jimmy Joy plenny shake V3, I’ve never had any other foods from jimmy joy.
Here’s my experience with the shake v3 so far, after drinking it exclusively for a week.

In the first 4 days I was VERY VERY gassy and bloated, and still am, but to a lesser extent.
In addition, I’ve noticed my mouth feels dry and I drink a lot more water trying to not feel thirsty and i have an aftertaste in my mouth for hours.
I’ve also noticed acid reflux few times.

I prepare my shakes with warm-ish water, because i don’t like drinking cold beverages in the winter, and shake for about 30 seconds to a minute. Am i doing this right?

On the positive side, my energy levels feel normal

maybe try them less thick? add less powder or add more water way you want it.

Make sure you pour the water first before the water, you could run into issues if you don’t.
try cold water/milk for a change and see how that goes. both should be fine, but you mind find yourself preferring one over the other

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One tip that was given to me is to add a teaspoon or two of Psylium Husks in powdered form to your shakes.
This significantly reduces the bloating and gassiness for me. Additionally it thickens up the shakes, so you’re most likely going to be adding more water to the shake.

When making the shake, first add some water to the shaker, then add your scoops and additions, close up the shaker and top it off with water to your liking. Shake 5 to 10 secs and you should be all good.

How’s it going now, Nikola?

I don’t like cold shakes in winter either, but if the water is warm, it won’t mix properly. Try adding 200~ 300ml, mixing it with the 2 tb and after that, adding 100ml of boiling water. When you warm it up it will get thicker, so maybe it’s better with 400ml instead of 300ml. I warm mine this way or after preparing them on the microwave :slight_smile:

It’s completely normal to be gassy and to have slow digestions at first because you’re changing your diet quite abruptly. Everytime you add a new food to your diet it will affect to your body until getting used to it. Specially when changing from a varied diet to a cereal-based one. Don’t worry, in 2 weeks, 3 tops, you should feel fine. If not, try to increase your shake intake slowly instead of making a drastic change. It should help :slight_smile:

So you recommend 300ml of water for 2 scoops? And 300ml+100ml of hot water for the same amount of powder?
Why should it be thicker with hot water? According to my impression it increases lumping, with the rest being more watery…

I’m testing different variations of volume, coldness and milk, but so far nothing conclusive. Most symptoms remain the same with varying degrees of effect.