Jimmy Joy Shaker Texture Change


Seem’s to be a weird feedback but I started Jimmy Joy recently (it’s awesome, thanks guys) with Jimmy Joy’s shaker which is nice.
The texture of the drink was not too watery which is nice too, I always put the 500 ml of water advised. And the mixture wasn’t sticking on the side of the shaker, that was coagulating with itself and ripping on the plastic with dry holes.
There was also some powder that wasn’t solving in the shaker (which was an indicator of good texture to me haha).

But after some days of drinking in it the Plennyshake I was drinking seemed to become really watery and a little disgusting but I havn’t changer the amount on water in my drink. Don’t know if it was because of the Plennyshake wake up that I started to drink that changed shaker’s side behaviour or what, but the mixture started to stick to the shaker without coagulating or holes (behaving more like a liquid). Seemed also kind of lighter.

I mean : is this something that happens often? Is it my taste that changed or just the plastic that got old? Is it me getting tired of Plennyshake’s taste and not remembering correctly what I experienced at the beginning? Or my way of shaking it haha? Or just the recipe that changed?

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting wrong with the amount of water :slight_smile: hope it doesn’t sound to weird


It may be that it is your taste that has changed, it happened to me too. I started out with 500ml of water added to the Plennyshake mix, and was okay with it, but after a while I found it too watery.

I now usually add 400ml of water to make the texture thicker, and it’s delicious again! It feels more like a meal rather than a drink now, which I like (not everyone likes the texture). You can try adding less water, I find that all the Plennyshake dissolves just as well, with maybe a bit of extra shaking.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to add less water :slight_smile: I think that’s a nice solution.

I’m also thinking there is something to do with the smell of the bottle that changed, maybe it’s my way of washing it then.
Still can’t explain why the texture changed with the same bottle.