Hungry really quickly after a Plenny Shake

Hello! I’ve really been enjoying the shakes - they taste really good, I add a bit of honey for some sweetness which is perfect for me because I love the taste of honey and don’t like too much artificial sweetness.

However, I get very hungry after a shake! I am a small person who is mostly sedentary and don’t need a lot of calories for lunch - usually I eat around 500 calories for lunch and am satisfied for 5 hours. I used to have Huel, and I would also be satisfied for about 5 hours for 1.25 shakes (500 cal). I do the same with JJ but I am RAVENOUS after barely 3 hours (today it was actually 2h40!!). What am I doing wrong? I mix with water to not increase the cals too much.

Hey Amzzz, welcome to the forum!
Well, if you would like to get 500kcal per meal, it would be ideal to weigh the powder with a scale. Considering that 2 scoops correspond to 400kcal, if you add 1 extra half scoop you could be getting 500kcal. This could be the only thing going wrong. Drink it slowly, mix it well and it should be fulfilling you for 5 hours. Let us know how it goes! :smiley:

I like to mix it with milk (or use a vegan alternative if you like). It comes out at about 550cal this way. From my experience it saturates for a longer time. Also the taste and texture is so much better (in my eyes at least)

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Same here. I put an extra scoop in for every meal, but it turned me into a fat bastard. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I found that if you prepare the mix before going to bed, leave it overnight in the fridge. It makes it more like a milkshake (thicker consistency) and will help you feel fuller when you drink it the next day.


I blend my shakes often with milk/greek yoghurt/fruit/spinach or kale (frozen). Make nice thick shakes. Love them! Sometimes some extra chia or flaxseed…


Oh, nice tips, thank you!

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What does the greek yoghurt taste like with sweet shakes? A bit sour? But thanks for the tips, I’ll try them out!

Adding milk made a lot of difference somehow, even more than just having more powder for some reason. Probably mental hunger!

Greek yoghurt, like any yogurt, is a bit sour so that will have some influence on the sweet taste of the powder ofc. And it depends on how much you use ofc. But I love greek yogurt… I like yogurt. But Greek yogurt i really really enjoy.

But water only just doesn’t satisfy me much. I need more consistency… the milk, yogurt or the frozen kale etc gives me that. Plus I enjoy the tastes.

I enjoy experimenting anyway.

I lost a lot of weight since February. JJ really helped. For example: during summer I am an addict to milkshakes. So now I make these shakes as I mentioned above. I love them. They are like a 90% substitute for a real milkshake. But ofc 100 x healthier!

Oh I sometimes add 2 tablespoons of cacoua or cacoua (never quite sure which is it in English :grin:) … thats why love the shakes. You can add so much by yourself. Change it up. Instead of milk i tried an Almond milk too, but that wasn’t my thing. But just an example…

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A friend had similar problems; after some time he found out that he needed something savoury to feel full. If he only had something sweet it felt to him as if he had not eaten. This doesn’t seem to be rare. I know several people who refuse to eat sweet meals because they say it does not feel like a meal to them - even if the calorie content is higher than that of the alternative.

JJ offers savoury products, and for the Active shake there is a neutral flavour that could be mixed with something savoury. The Active powder also contains more protein.