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First ever order of complete food

Hi guys,

Im new in the complete food world, and I’ve been reading a lot about it lately. Funny thing is that I discovered complete food powder because of Huel and their (aggressive) marketing. On further research I came across Jimmy Joy. And because im Dutch, its lower in cost and I love your branding I ordered the Active Banana shake. Which tastes really nice! I’m having a hard time to see it as a replacement for a “edible meal” but maybe that will come when im having more shakes.

I never took breakfast, which I do now, so that’s nice. I add about 2 scoops to 300/350ml water. Does it benefit me if add more water or is that just personal preference? 2 scoops to 300ml water should be a meal that keeps me full for about 3/4 hours right? Because 2 scoops don’t seem enough as lunch and I become hungry again after 2 hours.

Something I like better with Huel is there website and information. Since im new and have a lot of questions, it seems Huel has more and better understandable information on all topics. I think they have a much bigger team, so maybe that explains it. There community seems more active as well.

Anyhow, im really loving the shakes so far. I’ve added a shot of espresso this morning with banana, that’s lovely as well. Im going to try to lose weight, so I hope this will help me a bit better.

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Hi Remy! Welcome aboard bro, nice to hear you’re enjoying the Active Plenny Shake. There’s no benefits to more or less water, it’s just preference, so no worries. I like to use less water, cause I like my shakes a bit thicker and stronger in flavor. I usually leave them in the fridge overnight so the water has completely dissolved the powder. It makes it silky smooth!