Eating the powder with a spoon?

I just tried my first Jimmy Joy meal prepared using the recommended 500ml water + 173g Plennyshake and the vanilla flavor, and I had to force myself to finish it since I found the taste very bland (maybe some other flavor could be more tasty, will try them), and the amount of liquid to drink to be quite large.

Then, I tried just eating some of the powder with a spoon, and it seems to be much more appetizing, and it also feels much more like eating food.

So, is there any reason to not either directly eat the powder like that, or possibly use much less water, thus producing a paste/cream instead of a watery solution? I assume that wouldn’t alter its nutritional value or have any other effects other than altering taste, right? Is anyone consuming Plennyshake like this?

I’ve never had the powder straight but I’ve made cookies a couple of times which uses much less water and they turned out fine.

As long as you’re not adding any other ingredients, the nutrients should stay the same :slight_smile: