First try of Plenny Shake

I had my first try of JJ today.
I’ve been using Huel for years and thought Id try JJ as I heard it has a better taste. I’ve got to say, I didn’t enjoy my first try (Plenny shake banana) as much as Huel.
I’ll keep trying and maybe it will grow on me and maybe I’d prefer some other flavours.

In the meantime, other than 300ml water, two scoops and shake, are there any recommendations on how to serve Plenny shake?


For me, while Huel is nice in small amounts it’s too sweet and difficult to finish a whole one or to drink every day. Plenny shakes are more neutral so it’s easier to drink.

Since it’s so thin and smooth (I don’t even use a blender) I think it’s easy to think of as milk, so you could try using it to replace milk in a normal shake. Maybe blend with a real banana?

Hi @Himesh, welcome to the family first of all!

Thanks a lot for sharing the feedback of your experience, sorry to hear the first one could be improved on.
Our community is super-creative when it comes to Plenny Shake recipes, maybe you can have a look here: Jimmy Joy - Plenny Shake Recipes and also have a look here on the Forum to see what people are already adding to theirs :wink:

Also, if you ever really do not like something from us, get in touch with us through the Live Chat or and we will be able to refund you within our 30 day money back guarantee. I am sure you’ll find your fav son enough that way!


I didn’t like it on my first try either, but u start to get used to and enjoy it with time. Personally i prefer mixing 2 scoops with ~600ml water and leaving it for 3-24 hours in the fridge. I dislike the thick suggested consistency and this proportion is what works best for me. Leaving it to sit removes grainy texture. I hope the taste will grow on u soon! :yellow_heart:

I also wish jj offered sample bags because i had to buy almost all of the flavours to find that i only really enjoy vanilla shake. So i don’t have a good advice for this part - everyone has different tastes, and suggestions for the best flavour don’t really work here (imho)

People usually suggest all kinds of different stuff here - adding salt, serving warm, making it a porridge consistency n eating with a spoon, mixing with different powders (cocoa, powdered pb, cinnamon - u name it), adding sweeteners, flavour drops. But it all really boils down to you experimenting and discovering what works best for u :relaxed:

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thanks all. It does taste better the more I try and get used to it.
I am finding I prefer to make it in the evening and resting in the fridge overnight

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