New to JJ, waiting for my Plenny Shake Active


I have been a long time Huel consumer, but in the last weeks I have decided to try other products. The soy protein in JJ discouraged me a bit, but I guess the marketing have convinced me.

So, I am waiting my for two bags of Plenny Shake Active and a box of plenny bars. I hope they deliver this week. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Madrid!


Hey Akolsek,

Welcome! We hope you like our Plennies :smiley:

Please let us know what you like (or dislike) as soon as you tasted it!

I have just tried Chai Latte, and I like it, but it will take some time to get used to it, since I was a regular Vanilla/Chocolate Huel used for 1 year. :slight_smile: I still have to try vanilla though. On the other hand, vanilla plenny bars are just amazing and so much better that everything I’ve tried before! I was just slightly disappointed, since I was hoping for a tshirt, but it is only included in the Started box and not with other combinations (I bought 2 plenny shake active bags + box of plenny bars).
Overall, definitively worth my money and soon I will order more.


So what do you think of the Vanilla? Better first impression than Chai?

Yeah, definitively better first impression, but after few days I love both. Now that I have tried, I have to buy more…especially plenny bars.


Welcome @akolsek!

glad to hear you like it! Please let us know any feedback you might have. This helps us to further improve :slight_smile:

New update: I really like the “big bag format” of the Plenny Shake Active (PSA), but the zip lock of the PSA is definitively not the best and most of the time it stays partially opened. The sweetness of the shakes it is just perfect, I also like the texture and I feel quite full after the meal.

Overall that’s a great first impression @akolsek! Thanks so much for sharing <3

About the zip lock, I hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience :frowning: