JJ is keeping me fed during lockdown


I am an ex-hueler on lockdown who is now safe and well fed thanks to JJ.

I stopped using Huel a year ago because of the ever-increasing prices, and, i am not going to lie, because of how chalky the shakes felt, and how difficult they were to dissolve unless you prepared and refrigerated them overnight, which kind of defeated the purpose.

After having my first two Plenny shakes (I bought 2 bags of each flavor to give a proper try) i must say that i am delighted by by how easy to prepare and dissolve they are, and how they feel when swallowed, much smoother and silky than Huel.

So far i have tried the Strawberry and Chocolate ones, looking forward to the Banana flavor later today.

The strawberry was better than i expected it to be, whereas the chocolate one was good, but a bit on the weak side flavorwise, but i then added a spoonful of Douwe Egberts Indulgence coffee and the resulting flavor was delicious.

Granted the fact i found the chocolate flavor a bit weak has probably to do with the fact that my choice in chocolate tends to be the 95%/99%+ Cocoa variety, so i may be a bit spoiled.

I decided to begin eating Plenny Shakes because my town has gone kind of insane with hoarding food, and i did not want to risk running out of proper food for potentially months.

Not to count the ever increasing risk of going out for supplies and food.

Hopefully i will continue enjoying the shakes on the long run, even after this situation.

I will be seeing you people around.
Be well and safe.

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Thanks so much for sharing Ruura, glad we’re able to keep you safe and sound during these trying times <3

Nice tip to add the Douwe Egberts, btw. I think other customers will like that idea as well :smiley: