Getting used to the taste/texture

Hi! I’m new here so I’m sorry if this is posted in the wrong category.

I finally got my starter pack and to be honest it’s not quite something I like, but I paid for them so I was not planning to get rid of them any other way than by using them. Then I noticed after drinking a few shakes over a few days that I’m kind of starting to like the taste.

Is that normal? Do any of you first dislike these products but then got used to them?

You get used to it. JJ has more maltodextrin so mixes up better, Huel has more oats so is thicker but it gets better if you let it sit for a while. Mix a shake up and leave it in the fridge overnight and the difference is huge.

JJ flavours are far better IMO though.

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Appreciate you sharing your feedback here you guys <3

coming from Huel (I used it on and off during 2018 & 2019) plenny (active)'s taste & texture are a real pleasure.

what I do is add sugar free flavour drops to my plenny n it tastes amazin. banana plenny active & banana flavour drops is my favourite. they sweeten it & enhance flavour.

huel is thick and tastes heavily of what i can only describe as “dust” :joy:.
i dunno what plenny would be like for someone who hasn’t tried any other brands yet but I personally love it.

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That’s awesome, which flavor drops do you use? And what’s the sweetener?

I use these flavour drops from the sweetener is sucralose. they’re really good value.

I used to use Huels flavour add-on powders. they were nice but really pricey compared to flavour drops. and not as nice either imo.


I had this experience with the bars. Every time I had one for the first time I found them pretty meh but without exception the next time I ate them I really liked them!

Appreciate you sharing this, I think other customers might find this interesting! :smiley:

no problem,
I thought it might be of interest to someone somewhere :smile:

I know what you mean. I found that mixing it with things other than water (like milk) makes them more tasty.

The one I like the most is banana:
I put half cold banana juice from the supermarket + half water + cinnamon + 2 scoops of banana plenny shake. I find it really nice. I think I could drink it forever.

Of course every time you add anything other than water you are messing with the exact values for every meal. But not by that much.

oh my god sounds amazing