Experience with neutral shakes and myprotein flav drops?

I’ve been enjoying Plenny Shakes for several weeks now. I like the four ‘basic’ flavours chocolate, vanille, strawberry and banana; mango somewhat less, and the limited flavours coconut and pumpkin spice I didn’t like at all. So I would like to try new flavours. Has anyone tried adding myprotein flav drops to Plenny Shake Vegan neutral, and if so, what’s the verdict? Thanks!

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to me, personally, I do not like myprotein flavorings. In any case, and with the exception of the unflavored version, I consider that the ■■■■■■■ flavors are very successful as if to throw anything …; different thing is that it is satisfied with the sweetener used …

I tried to the Vanilla shake and added white chocolate. Not good, but problem was the flavour itself.

I did try the Huel flavor packs and they were all excelent! Their chocolate flavour is far better than jimmy joy chocolate, and all the others were also very good.

But this is what I want to try as well, so will keep an eye on this thread.

I didn’t know Huel but I will look into it. Thank you!

Got a shipment of neutral and also huel flavor packs and will start experimenting in the next weeks.

So far the first experiment was 2 spoons of neutral with 1 spoon of special edition pumpkin and it’s by far my favourite flavor so far. I also tried 2 spoons of vanilla with 1 spoon of special edition pumpkin and it was ok, but the neutral makes it almost a savoury flavour.

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Glad to hear you’re all experimenting away, that’s great! We really love seeing this and we encourage people to do so. If you have any other questions or perhaps tips, always feel free to ask away or share them with us.

Thanks guys!