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Making the switch from Huel

Hi there all!

I’m making the switch from Huel due to certain reasons and i’m wondering if i should be ordering the plenny shake 2.1 or the plenny active shake?

I generally speaking am using the shakes for weight loss for now but mainly with an eye on general healthiness. With huel i was 100% huel diet, not sure if this is do-able with JJ too? I will also probably be getting some bars but unsure of the differences between the Twenny and the Plenny, i assume the Twenny bars are the older versions?

I’m looking forward to making my first order on wednesday :slight_smile:

hi there! Welcome to the Forum and thanks so much for considering our products, that’s awesome <3

The formula’s of the Active and the ‘regular’ Plenny Shake aren’t suuuuper different, but the Active is a bit more protein-dense and doesn’t contain maltodextrin. This affects the taste too of course, the Active (in my personal experience) is less sweet and a little less of a defined taste. I like active Chai a lot myself, with a little bit of honey and cinnamon for flavor.

There’s also a thread a reddit you can check out: https://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/blilvy/plenny_shake_vs_plenny_shake_active/

and don’t forget to check out the respective product pages for some extra information:

Hope this helps <3

Thanks Tim!

I’m thinking i might order myself 2 bags of the active and a couple of the 2.1 flavours just to give them a go, and a sample pack to get myself a bar and drink, seems like the smart way to divvy it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I tend to make orders every two weeks but have some left over bags of huel so i think this should keep me goign for a month and then i can have a good scope of where to go from there :slight_smile:

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Sounds good! Let us know how it works for ya :smiley:

Well, it seems im possibly allergic to something in the plenny shakes? They have lead to me waking up with super bad heartburn and vomiting. Any idea which ingredient may be causing this? I had no issues with huel, but this is the first time i’ve used soy i think, can soy cause such a reaction?

The bars are great though , just a shame they only come in one flavour :frowning:

wooow that sounds serious! So sorry to hear that :frowning:

It’s hard to say what causes that, but perhaps it is soy. Any other allergies you’re aware of?

If you still have some shakes left over and would like to return them to us, please email me at love@jimmyjoy.com and we’ll figure something out.

Hope you’re feeling better <3

I dont have any other allergies so this is new to me, i’m fine without drnking the plenny shakes i jsuth ave a bad reaction, and unfortunately i got two of the active bags and have opened both :frowning:

Shoot, I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning: Do you have any idea if you also have that same reaction with our other products? Might be the Soy after all…

Interesting read. I’m waiting for my first ever order and planning to use it to aid weight loss (and cut bad eating habits).
I decided to try the non active one hopefully I don’t have any reaction to it :frowning:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: Good luck with reaching your goals, keep us posted! <3