Anyone else with stomach issues?

Hi all,

I can’t help, but my stomach gets bloated and stiff after a few hours I had plenny shake active or plenny bars.

I have no problems with huel, so I assume it is about something in the ingredient list.

Does anyone else have similar experiences and/or has perhaps a clue what substance it may cause?

I would love to come back to JJ if this could be solved.

Hey @245! Welcome!

Definitely, there is a difference in the ingredients between both brands. We use soy as the protein source. Do you know if you have an allergy or intolerance to soy?

I had some issues at the beginning. I was feeling bloated and I had flatulence. But considering that it was the first time I was consuming this type of products I thought “maybe I have to wait until my body adapts to the highly concentrated nutrient intake”. Even if I was feeling heavy, I had more energy and I was more focused so I tried it for one week and after that I was feeling gooood!
Since you were consuming Huel before (never tried, I just love JJ) it could be a matter of the soy or maybe your body needs to adapt. My brother has a soy intolerance, if he consumes soy his stomach hurts a lot and then he has watery stools (poor man).

Thanks for both your replies.


During lockdown I had the chance to test it in the longer run to make sure its not about anything else. Unfortunately, I did not get better for me after a few weeks.


Your post made me consider doing a food intolerance test. Maybe this will bring more light into the dark. Depending on the outcome, it might be also interesting for JJ in terms of ingredients. So I hope to come back with results in a few weeks.

I had the exact opposite experience. I was on JJ for years until Brexit killed UK shipping and was forced to stop. I went on Huel but had to stop after a few months because it was wreaking havoc with my stomach.

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I would only try Huel again when diagnosed with Covid and all my taste-buds are disabled. I tried the stuff years ago and during about a year I tried every shake available in Europe. Huel and Bertrand (does it still exist) where my absolute least favourite at the time and ended up binning both.

Plenny shakes can give me a bit of a bowel problem at times but found that the new versions with the probiotics seem to fix this problem. I think the trick is dosing it right and mixing it thoroughly so that there are no lumps in the shake. I do this by first adding some (crushed) ice cubes in my shaker, then add the powder and only then add milk and/or water. The ice helps shaking things up, prevents lumps sticking on the bottom of the shaker and give the shake a silky smooth texture because it freezes the liquid a bit. After doing this for a few years, I don’t even want it any other way.

I understand not all will own a fridge with ice-maker and crusher so if you don’t, just use ice-cubes instead but think the crushed ice gives more surface area, helping the shake to cool faster.


Thanks for all your responses.

I received the results from the blood test. Unfortunately, they are ambiguous to the point where I distrust their informative value (e.g. its stated that I have a strong food intolerance against oats and bananas which is nonsense as I eat both daily for years without any problems). Too bad that this did not bring clarity to the topic.

To test the soy hypothesis, I will try to eat soy beans when I find the time to conduct my own little “test”.

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Same problems here… I’ve started eating one bar at breakfast and after ca. 3/4 hours from consumption (usually after lunch) I start feeling very bad, experiencing stomachache and flatulence. I don’t know if I only have to wait until my body adapts to the new food or if it’s better to sadly end this experience and return the unopened bags. I don’t have any intolerance or allergy as far as I know (I usually drink soy milk without any side effects), but I suffer from psychosomatic disorders which sometimes affect my intestine, and the doctor said that I should avoid foods high in fiber, but I didn’t think 8 grams of fiber could be problematic…

Welcome to the forum, Gallo! Some people do, in fact, have trouble with fiber (as little as a few grams). You could consult your doctor about how much fiber you should ingest on a daily basis. After ingesting minimal fiber in their everyday diets, some people experience discomfort while eating high-fiber meals. Then it can just be a case of waiting and letting the body adjust. But please, always follow your doctor’s advice :blush:

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I have been suffering from a stomach ulcer but now I am completely fine.