Digestive issues

I swear every time i eat jimmy joy i fart like a geyser for the rest of the day, and I feel kind of bad and nauseous. And smelly farts too. I have tried the ingredients separately, and also this doesnt happen with huel. What’s going on???

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Sadly, same here, but worse since I hardly manage to get home from work before having to invade the bathroom since I started to make 3 meals a day from Jimmyjoy…

My usual menu is: a shake on the morning, a pot at midday and a shake on evening…

Normally completed with 2 cereal bars as breakfast and some popcorn before dinner (evening shake) to have something solid too.

I’ve heard before there is an adaptation time when you change your eating habits to add a big chunk of vegetables but… It’s been already a month since my first shaker and I started with just a shaker in the dinner before adding the shaker on the morning after 2 weeks and it took me another 2 weeks before adding the pot as my meals…

I’d really appreciate if someone could tell us how much time is needed to make this adaptation :sweat_smile:

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I honestly think the “adaptation” theory is not true, because with Huel this doesnt happen. And I have read people on reddit saying they had been “adapting” for over 40 days.

Hey @J.devries and @Erethros :hugs:

We’re really sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some tummy troubles. If you’ve been drinking our shakes for a while now and your body still hasn’t gotten used to the fibre and probiotics, it might actually be because of the inulin. In case you didn’t know, our shakes do contain inulin, which is a type of fibre and pre-biotic. We also add it to some of our pots like the Creamy Cajun Pasta, Tikka Masala Lentils, and Vegetable Korma Rice, as chicory root fibre. Unfortunately, some people can’t tolerate it well. Even in small doses, it can cause some significant discomfort that just won’t go away. Huel doesn’t add any inulin to their shakes, maybe that is the reason why you don’t have the discomfort with their shakes. We hope this helps!

PS: we are constantly working on improving our recipes, so we are already checking for other alternatives to inulin :green_heart: in the meantime, you can try out the Plenny Drinks and the Plenny Pots Satay Noodles and Mushroom&Buckwheat risotto which do not have inulin.

That actually explains it, thank you.

That’s something that makes me fearful when thinking on the next batch…

I tested plenny dring vanilla and I don’t enjoy the mud like texture… It’s like drinking (not sure how are they called in English) “natillas”.

And I bought as the first try satay noodles, Cajun pasta and mushrooms risotto but seing how much satay noodles and risotto tastes like cilantro (I was so expectating to satay noodles taste like satay sauce :face_holding_back_tears::sob:), I was hoping that tikka masala and korma rice would do the trick but now you are telling me that probably my options would make me have an even harder time… :sweat_smile:

I bought a month worth of food so… I really hope that you can find a suitable candidate to replace inulin because I can’t afford to go to the toilet at my job, there was someone fired several months ago because of that!

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I believe there is no translation for natilla :sweat_smile: you might perceive it like that because of the starch, which natilla contains as well. Not ideal but you could dilute it a bit in water or plant-based milk to make it less thick, if that is the problem. For sure the chocolate flavour won’t taste like natilla :wink:

So you are saying that the Satay noodles don’t taste like satay sauce enough but instead cilantro? Maybe the powder was not well mixed. With the bag properly closed, give it a couple of flips and then you can scoop out your portion. I hope that gives you a better experience with the Satay noodles :woman_cook:t4:

Your company’s policies are…interesting…and we don’t want you to be fired for “overusing” the bathroom :disappointed_relieved: If you are still in the 30-day window after your purchase, please contact our customer care team at love@jimmyjoy.com and they will do their best to find a solution for you.

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Nope, I shake each pot bag before each meal giving them several turns to be sure they are well mixed, it’s just that cilantro has a so strong flavour that it’s impossible to enmascarate it. Luckily it just tastes like lemon for me instead of soap (yup, a coworker just stated that cilantro taste like soap to him) so although not enjoying one of my favourite flavours, it’s still something edible so I’m not going to ask for a refund.

I understand that some foods are not going to have a good taste, especially healthy ones, but as long as it is edible and I have the intention to continue consuming it, I’m not going to ask for a refund.

I’ll just change to a different flavour on the next purchase but it could be a great idea to put a cilantro icon on those foods that contain it since there’s enough people that can’t endure it’s flavour that there is even a song about it. You could avoid potential refounds that way.

And yes, I was way surprised when I heard one of my bosses telling that worker that he was fired for spending several days too much time in the bathroom… If he discovers that I would need 10 times more time than him, I can’t think about what kind of reaction he could have :joy:

Jokes aside and to avoid another unenjoyable flavour, could you tell me which pot’s contain cilantro to avoid them?

Thanks in advance.

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Now that I double-checked the ingredients, mushroom risotto doesn’t have cilantro/coriander, nor creamy cajun pasta. The ones that contain it are vegetable korma rice, tikka masala lentils and satay noodles.
Thanks for the feedback, it will be shared with our team!

Wait, risotto doesn’t contain cilantro?
It tastes a lot to me!

Is there another ingredient that tastes similar to it?

I had that experience with Huel and not JJ. I enjoy all other Huel products without the problem. I struggled for 6 months thinking my body would get used to it. It just got worse. I just discarded 3 full bags of their product.

With JJ I do not have that problem. Just like any food product, somethings work and others don’t.

Now I have 2 JJ (Breakfast/Dinner) shakes a day with out issue. Huel Hot and Savory for lunch, still waiting for JJ in the USA!

That tastes similar…not sure! but this one contains celery, mustard and thyme. These will give a herbal taste.

thanks for sharing your experience! indeed, each person is different and it is a matter of finding the best option for you.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any information regarding the PP getting to the US :pensive: but we are glad that our Plenny Shakes are supporting your daily diet :hugs:

I love Plenny Shake and the bars I have tried. Delicious and satisfying.

Unfortunately, my digestive system doesn’t cope well at all with it. It turns me into a non-stop fart machine. It’s not even funny.

It’s most likely the inulin. I have been experimenting with my own DIY recipe, which doesn’t contain inulin, and when drinking that I hardly fart at all by comparison. It’s like night and day.

Please consider removing inulin. I would probably be a long-time customer and one of your biggest fans if it wasn’t for the inulin.

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We are sorry you have digestive discomfort. We are continually improving our recipes, so we’re already looking for alternatives to inulin :green_heart: Meanwhile, you can try the Plenny Drinks and Plenny Pots Satay Noodles and Mushroom&Buckwheat Risotto, which do not include inulin.

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Any update on the inulin?

I have been enjoying the Plenny Bars and the Plenny Pots, but I find I have to limit my intake of them because of the digestive issues. I would likely consume JimmyJoy products a lot more if there was no inulin in them.

Surely, there must be an alternative to inulin? A quick Google search and I found this: Inulin Alternative & Sugar Reduction – AgriFiber

On another thread I published my findings: What's the inulin content of different Plenny shake flavors? - #10 by gerimy

The trick is to gradually increase or decrease inulin intake (increase or decrease by about 2g/day week-to-week and keep the intake regular), and avoid intake of other foods in the hours around taking an inulin-containing shake. In other words, use the shake as a full meal replacement for at least one meal a day. I find it also works as a pre-breakfast for a low-FODMAP breakfast.

To top up calories right after a meal, especially a high-FODMAP meal, you’ll need a non-inulin shake.

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