What's the inulin content of different Plenny shake flavors?

Hi, I’ve been getting some really stinky farts on the vanilla Plenny shake, none on the chocolate. From other threads I know its the chicory-derived inulin content in the vanilla and my body is not adjusting to it.

I’d like to try other flavors, but I’m not sure which ones have the lowest inulin content! I presume that some flavors will come with more flavor-derived fibres and thus less inulin than others.

Could you please rank the flavors by inulin content?

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Why not go for the highest inulin and embrace the farts? Crop dust your coworkers. Hot box your family. Live out your dream supervillain lifestyle.


Hey @gerimy! We are sorry the inulin is not doing you well :pensive:

Indeed, only the Plenny Shake Active Chocolate has no inulin, and the other flavors contain the same amount, there is no variation between flavors (~2 g per portion).

There are some people sensitive to inulin but also it can be a matter of your microbiota getting used to it. If it is very annoying, we recommend you stick to the PSA chocolate but if you feel more curious, you can make a trial of 10 days to see if there is any improvement. Let us know your decision :nerd_face:

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Interesting the other flavors all have 2g/serving Inulin, because I’ve only noticed this so far on the vanilla Plenny Drink (ready-to-drink).

That said, I’ve been having the vanilla Plenny Drink in the afternoon after eating lunch. I’ve also had coconut Plenny Shake but it was after muesli (also mostly oats), or in place of a meal… so maybe inulin after a hot meal is the bad idea - instead drink the shake an empty stomach.

And it’s only the Plenny Shake Active Chocolate that has no inulin, so the regular chocolate does have 2g/serving inulin? I guess that’s the only one I could take shortly after a non-cereal-based meal.

Other threads also suggested adding psyllium husk, which I have in the kitchen, so I’ll try that too.

Like my dad used to say “wherever you be, let your wind go free.” I’m old anyway so people expect me to fart. One of the perks of growing old.

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Hahahahahaha, don’t abuse that :smiley:

If people are interested my current rankings of Jimmy Joy by fartiness are as follows:

Clear the room:

  • Vanilla RTD (and probably the shake too)
  • Plenny Bars

Mildly gassy:

  • Plenny Shakes
  • Chocolate RTD


  • Plenny Active - Chocolate
  • Plenny Pots (except maybe the tikka)
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Hahaha, thanks for letting us know your experience with this :grinning:

Hi @gerimy!

Since you brought up the topic to the forum, we wanted to make an update. The new Plenny Shake Active v3.1 Chocolate now contains 1g of inulin.
We hope this amount doesn’t bring you discomfort :heart_hands:
However, if it does, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care team at love@jimmyjoy.com and they will find the best solution for you :sparkles: