Plenny bar v3 causes bloating


I’ve recently switched to v3 of the bars. I have been using v2 before that. With the v2 bars I never had any issues with bloating, not even when eating 5-6 bars a day. With v3 I have issues already after eating only one bar. This happens both with vanilla and chocolate. Everything else in my diet stayed exactly the same. It’s is at the level that I need to consider cutting the bars from my diet completely. Did something change between the two versions that might have caused this?

P.S. I also raised this issue via chat (and provided my email) last week, but never got a reply.

Hmm, sorry to hear about this, we of course will follow up on this with you.
Unfortunately, I am not able to find the contact with the details provided, could you please send us an email on and note in there the issue, the batch code printed on the Bars and that you were in touch on the Forum and chat before, we will sort it out with you then.

Thanks in advance.


Could be the inulin content

I’m finding the v3 bars super gassy too

This problem is the only relevant problem with the whole JimmyJoy product family in my point of view and the reason why I stopped recommending it to friends. I still use it because I have homeoffice days but decide differently when I have to head over to our office.

hey guys!

You can check the changes done in the Plenny Bar V3.0 here.
We can think of two reasons why you might have digestive discomfort:

  1. The V3.0 has a 16% increase in fibre. Some people might get some discomfort from the inulin in the chicory fibre, however, the previous version already had it. The fibre comes from oats, flaxseed, and chicory fibre.
  2. We added the probiotic Bacillus coagulans. In the adaption stage, it can occasionally result in some gas and bloating. However, a microbiome balance will happen and the discomfort should cease (if it is caused by the probiotics).
    @piehey, @gerimy For how long have you been consuming the Plenny Bar V3.0?

Have you ever done a survey to see how many of your customers are affected by that? Probably biased but I doubt this is a minority.

I’ve eaten all of the starter pack bars (12 of them?) but over a month or so.

@mort We compile client feedback and complaints, then analyze the information using several standards. We can move forward with improvements after obtaining such information. As of now, we haven’t heard any complaints about the updated bars, but the database will be updated with the forum post’s comments.

@gerimy alright, usually the adaptation process will happen when the new food is included in your daily diet. If it is consumed from time to time, there is no adaptation phase. Usually, the adjustment period can take 15 to 21 days. You could give it a try to eat half a bar per day and see how you feel. If the discomfort persists, it is better for you to stop consuming the Plenny Bar :frowning:

Please, if you would like to have a refund for the bars, contact our customer care team. You can send an email to or you can start a chat on our website. Let them know your issue and they will find the best way to help you.