Plenny bar v3 causes bloating


I’ve recently switched to v3 of the bars. I have been using v2 before that. With the v2 bars I never had any issues with bloating, not even when eating 5-6 bars a day. With v3 I have issues already after eating only one bar. This happens both with vanilla and chocolate. Everything else in my diet stayed exactly the same. It’s is at the level that I need to consider cutting the bars from my diet completely. Did something change between the two versions that might have caused this?

P.S. I also raised this issue via chat (and provided my email) last week, but never got a reply.

Hmm, sorry to hear about this, we of course will follow up on this with you.
Unfortunately, I am not able to find the contact with the details provided, could you please send us an email on and note in there the issue, the batch code printed on the Bars and that you were in touch on the Forum and chat before, we will sort it out with you then.

Thanks in advance.