NEW Plenny Bar v3.0 🥳

Bam! It’s launch time!!

Look at us dropping something new. Like Beyoncé dropping a new album (but with the dance moves of a rusty old rake).

So what are we launching? First of all…

Plenny Bar v3.0!

What’s new?

:white_check_mark: 27% less sugar
:white_check_mark: 30% less saturated fat
:white_check_mark: 16% more fibre
:white_check_mark: Probiotics
:white_check_mark: New vitamins & minerals mix
:white_check_mark: Official Nutri-Score A!

A new & improved version of all your favourite Plenny Bar flavours, with disruptive and ingenious updates that will blow your socks right off!

And now for the second part of our launch… it’s our pleasure to introduce you to… Two brand new Plenny Bar flavours that tickle taste buds like nobody’s business…

[imagine unnecessary long pauses like on a game show]

Apfelstrudel and Mocha!

Available NOW on!
Get them while you can :man_running:


I will order the Apfelstrudel one.
I miss the berries and white chocolate :sob:

Also, no V.3 for Almonds and Figs and Hazelnut Coffee? :thinking:

Does the Flavor mix available now contain all the 7 flavors?

27% less sugar and 30% less saturated fat is amazing! That’s fantastic, thank you so much for optimizing on that!

But yeah, what happened to Cranberry & White Chocolate? Is the third new flavor still planned for later?


Correct, the Almond&Fig and Hazelnut/Coffee are still the original version and we can not yet inform you on when this will change. Keep an eye on the email from our Marketing department for that.

The flavour mix still contains 6 flavours, the Pizza is now replaced for Apfelstrudel in that, so that is missing the Mocha at the moment.


We’re not yet confirming or denying this, keep an eye out for the Marketing e-mails on that. :wink:

Oh… Ok. Then there’s a typo on the website, because it says the mix box carries the 7 flavors :wink:

Thanks! :+1:t2:

Edit: Oops, now it’s corrected :sweat_smile:

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I’ve just tried to update my subscription to change my version 2.0 bars to the new ones but for the updated flavours it gives the option of version 3.0, 3.01 and 3.02 - what’s the difference,?

You do not have to do anything to get the v3.0 Bars, except for the Hazelnut/Coffee and Almond&Fig, all Bars that are shipped out now will be the v3.0 versions.

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Got the same options :flushed:

The mocha bar is fantastic! Up next to try is the apfelstrudel


I tried the new chocolate and vanilla (strudel and salted caramel coming next) and I like the changes. Texture is much softer, specially with the vanilla one. Also improved flavor with that one, not so noticeable but less artificial than the previous one.

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I was nervous to try the apfelstrudel bar, but it is really great in my opinion. My current order of flavours is:
1: caramel (amazing)
2: apfelstrudel (great)
3: vanilla (very good)
4: fig (good, I like it)
5: coffee (ok, could be improved)
6: chocolate (not for me, I dont like this specific chocolate flavour)


Personal ranking:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Salted Caramel
  3. Apfelstrudel
  4. Mocha
  5. Almond and Fig
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Just received the v3.0 mix box, and I am so relieved and glad that I don’t notice any texture nor taste difference between Salty Caramel 2.0 and 3.0 :tada: That made my day!

Good to hear! I actually think they taste better as they have a tad more crunch and are a bit softer.


Interesting! I ordered the mix to try and test them all. I used to be a big fan of several editions back, and had liked newer versions a little less. This time, I really like that I can try many flavors without committing to a whole box of one. :smiley:

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Very interesting, to see my favourites also on your lists first places. But I absolutely hate vanilla :smiley: haha
My list:

  1. Caramel Seasalt - my absolute favourite, could eat it everyday and almost do eat it on a daily basis. I also like the shake.
  2. Apfelstrudel - the taste is very natural to me, I like the big apple chunks and this to me is the best food replacement. I always have one Apfelstrudel in my backpack or cars glove compartment.

Far behind:
3. Almond Fig - nice had chew and good amount of chunks, tastes natural and thats what I like
4. Chocolate - kind of artificial chocolate taste, reminds me of protein shakes of my bodybuilding phases, kind of okay, would like to have a more natural cocoa taste and real chocolate chunks.
5. Coffee - great smell and after taste, goes good with an actual coffee

Far far far behind, last place:
Vanilla - good texture but that god awful taste!!!

I am stoked for new tastes in the future and the next delivery brings me a box of Mocha, I hope I will enjoy.

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My Plenny Bar v2.0 ranking:

  1. salty caramel (great)
  2. vanilla (good)
    – beyond this line I didn’t order again
  3. chocolate (artificial taste)
  4. coffee (only tastes burned)
  5. almond & fig (just weird)
  6. pizza (disgusting)

My Plenny Bar v3.0 ranking:

  1. salty caramel (great)
  2. apfelstrudel (okay)
  3. mocha (okay)
  4. chocolate (okay, better than v2.0)
  5. vanilla (okay, worse than v2.0, has a very artificial smell)
    – likely my reorder threshold
  6. cherry (weird, way too soft)
  7. almond & fig (weird)

Overall I am relieved that my favorite Salty Caramel is still as great as before. I am a bit sad about Vanilla now having an artificial smell, and the taste is also worse (too much vanilla). And it looks like I can order more flavors now, so that’s nice. But I find the smell to all flavors (except salty caramel) weird/artificial and I believe I would like them a decent bit better without that smell.


You seem to have similar taste buds as I do. Your perception pretty much matches my impressions. :star_struck: