NEW Plenny Bar Cherry is available now! 🍒

Hey y’all!
Plenny Bar Cherry is available now, on Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

Nothing short of a delicious sweet and sour whirlwind of ripe red ch-ch-cherries in your mouth.

It’s great! And a bit scary! But great!

  • High in protein
  • High in fibre
  • Low saturated fat
  • 100% natural flavouring
  • Added probiotics
  • A new and improved mix of vitamins & minerals
  • Nutri-Score A!

Have one if you dare!

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Yay new flavors! Cherry isn’t my thing, but the apfelstrudel and the mocha are waiting for us to come pick them up :grin:

I’m curious though - what are the other three new flavors? I read somewhere here about a raspberry and white chocolate that was being developed…? I really want to try that! So that might be one, but then there’s the last two :thinking:

At this moment, there is nothing we can announce yet for other flavors, the selection as it is now will be as it is.
As soon as that changes, the legends from the Marketing department will have the honor of informing you :wink:


Has anyone tried this yet? This is the most exciting new flavour for me, I LOVE cherries and I can’t wait to try it. Curious what others thought so far as it’s a while before I’ll need to order next!

Just tried it…

It’s not overly sweet, but just right. And has a nostalgic taste somehow. Plus the bar is suuuper soft! Definitely a new fav for me!

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Fantastic, glad you like it :green_heart: and thanks for posting the feedback here for the others.

I wish it would be less soft but I still like it.


Totally agree.
I just had it for lunch and I was immediately surprised because of its softness. What has change from the other bars to achieve this? :thinking:

Also I loved the taste. Very subtle, but it’s there.
Definitely my favorite of the three new ones. Apple strudel second (not really a super fan of this) and Mocha the third (it’s still the same old coffee for me, can’t taste any difference).


Many years ago I dropped by the HQ to pick up the very first bars to try and boy, they were dry and chunky. Things got much better over the years, then the Pizza bar dropped. Like a shiny, angelic ray of light from the heavens before it got destroyed in no time, because apparently barely anyone else loved it.

However, none of that matters, because as much as I love the fig one, the Apfelstrudel one, your cherry creation blows it out of the water! A lot is by taste, but mostly it’s the consistency, that’s close to perfect.

Much easier to eat, easier to chew, so much more satisfying and the flavour is spot on.

Very, very well done! Hope that other bars follow that direction.


I would never have bought a cherry bar.
I love cherry as a fruit, but anything that has cherry flavor, …candies and so on is the worst flavor for me, I can stand it and I don’t understand how can things go so wrong from a delicious fruit!

But hey, I tried your cherry plenny bar from the mix pack and now I have to buy a full box of them! Well it’s not like eating a cherry either, but tastes great. You made it!


I love the cherry bar! There doesn’t seem to be a particularly strong cherry flavour to it for me, but I still love it anyway.

One morning I had three in a row for breakfast! :grin:


Glad to see there’s so many other Cherry fans. Hope that one doesn’t go away.

Now, to even further improve that, dial down the cherry flavour, up the sodium, add some organo, sun-dried tomatoes and hey presto the pizza bar is back.

Seriously, we need another savoury bar!


Seriously, we need another savoury bar!

Noted for our R&D wizards, thanks! :green_heart:


Thank you very much!

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OMG, I just received a Plenny Bar Flavor Survey by email…
Can we have ALL of them? :drooling_face:


What’s the ideas? Spin up the rumour mill!

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Haha make sure to let us know in the survey :green_heart:

Is there news on new bar flavours?

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