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*NEW Plenny Bar - Chocolate

In the coming weeks we will give away Plenny Bar with Chocolate flavour in boxes of subscribers. If you happen to have received one please share your opinion here.

I just ate mine and I think it was a tad dry! But I haven’t tried the old chocolate bars so I can’t really compare. I had the old vanilla bar tho and I like them more than the new chocolate bar.


Thanks for the feedback!

What is the difference between a plenny and twenny bar? I don’t know about nutrition and I just rely on you guys knowing what you’re doing. I wonder if there is a different purpose to these bars.

I just ate the chocolate plenny bar included in my latest box. It was not too dry, I actually preferred this part over the twenny bars. It felt more like a big cookie than the twennies. My only complaint is that there is a kind of chemical taste, maybe protein? I once had a protein bar and I think it tasted like that with nothing to cover it up, it was awful. The plenny was not bad, I could ignore that part of it and would probably get used to it. If you have to make it less healthy to improve the taste then it’s fine by me to leave it like this.

I look forward to their release regardless and add more variety to my subscription! Hopefully these will not go out of stock :slight_smile:

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Hey kkc,

We improved the micronutrient profile in this bar amongst other things. The main benefit is hat it is plant based which we really want in order to be more sustainable. Another thing is that we create these bars with a supplier with which we have a closer relationship so that we can iterate faster, order more frequently (so the bars are fresher) and hopefully more reliable to assure to never me out of stock. We are already on version 11 with this bar and improving as the reviews come in as to make a better tasting bars with the best nutrition, more reliably. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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We just ate ours (chocolate v9).

When it comes to nutrition, this bar is much better! I also really like the chocolately flavor, it tastes a bit like Nutella!

I think the taste is a bit too powerful. I do like the shape, texture and crunchiness though. It also has a pleasant aftertaste.

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Ive been a customer for a while, and switching to Twenny bar was by far the best decision ever. But damn, you did a good job with the new Vegan version. My friend who has lactose intolerance has been waiting for so long, meanwhile ordering from Huel. And goodjob Jimmy Joy, you made a much better tasting bar, it looks amazing, costs less, has a better taste - overall a win.
Still gonna order the normal version myself, since its more tasty, but my friend is very excited. Thank you so much! Great work

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Update: We did a sampling with customers in Amsterdam and updated this version in two iterations. We are now at V11. The difference is in texture, we tried to make it less dry. BTW if you live in the Netherlands and wanna be part of our taste testing crew whereby we send you samples in exchange for your feedback please contact one of our nutritionists: joanna@jimmyjoy.com , karel@jimmyjoy.com or nuria@jimmyjoy.com

Disclaimer: TwennyBar subscriber since day 1, customer for 4-5years now.

I think the vegan one is a nice shakeup as it’s more crunchy (a tad bit too try maybe) but I wouldn’t want to see the current Twennybar being replaced completely by the vegan one. In the long run, I think I just prefer the doughiness of the regular one tbh.

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Thanks for weighing in Marc. The Twenny Bar will remain for now but in the long run we really wanna be completely vegan. Hope we can convince you to switch by improving the Plenny Bar and introducing flavours.

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Let’s see if I can get used to it :slight_smile:

Again, I’d just like them to be more doughy and bit less dry – but maybe that’s one and the same property and the V11+ already is exactly what I want. I also just read there’s a Caramel Seasalt flavor – can’t wait to try that one! Makes me wonder why don’t you sell beta packages with all flavors? Would buy that in a heartbeat!

Anyway, please make sure to ping your current TwennyBar customers before the classic gets replaced so that fans of the old one can stock them. Thanks!

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Bar v9
First bite was quite surprising as it was a lot different than the Tweeny Bar and it was a good surprise! Nice crunch.
The shape of the bar is better than the Tweeny bar, easier to bite.
I didn’t think it was too dry, I hope you don’t make it too wet :smile:
Not a fan of the chocolate flavour (I didn’t like the chocolate Tweeny Bar either, so that is just my preference) looking forward to caramel seasalt (and maybe the possibility of more salty bars?).

Also, it says “100% vegan” but on the back it says “may contain milk” which doesn’t make it “100% vegan” (but that’s probably mainly for allergies because there are other items made in the same factory that include milk?)
From the card I understand that 1 bar is supposed to be 98.69g (or 98.59) but mine was 102g

Is there a typo for Vitamin B12 as it shows “1145%” of daily intake?

Thank you for the prototype :slight_smile:

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I also got a new vegan chocolate bar today (Spain order hehe) and I just tried it.
The taste is good, even better than the original. However, the bar is drier than the previous ones.

I liked it, but I prefer it to be a little less dry.

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I liked the new bar! At a good price, I’d buy it.

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Many thanks for sending us samples! I was very excited when I heard you were developing a vegan bar, so I really appreciate this!

Texture and chewiness wise the bars were very good. They were crunchy and made me feel like I was eating a lot, which is a welcome change of pace compared to Plenny Drink.

Taste-wise I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t taste as chocolaty as I had expected, and it also wasn’t really sweet. It reminded me more of a bland, mediocre brownie than a chocolate bar.

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Hi guys,
Long time chocolate and vanilla subscriber (just to not get tired of a single flavour by overdoing it). Love the fact that the bar seems more healthy and vegan and all. And honestly, I did like the crunchiness, texture, taste and aftertaste. So you have my full approval for this version! And halving the sugar to vanilla levels is definitely welcome!!
So is it possible for you to sign me up for tasting of the the new vanilla and caramel seasalt (I am in the Netherlands)? I am really curious and do like this idea of having a say in the new products! And with going vegan, you might find a new customer in my girlfriend now.

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I liked the taste. The bar was a bit too dense, but I think it is in line with any commercial bar that has a punch when it comes to energy intake, it is just that usually these bars are a lot smaller and this one had a good size. Wetting it might have solved the issue, but I was having a hangover and I just wanted to have breakfast :joy: In all other aspects, for me the bar is 10/10.

I ‘d buy it but as I see it, bars have been a bit overpriced when compared to good ol’ shakes. This will be the major deciding factor.

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I didn’t like the old chocolate bar. Tried once but it just felt weird… I had to force myself to eat it whole.
But the new one is great! Love it - taste, shape, consistency. All perfect (same for vanilla).

Good job there.


I got a chocolate bar today.

I like it! I think I would buy it once it is available.

It does leave the mouth very oily, I wasn’t a big fan of that. But it is the only negative thing I can think of, and it isn’t too bad.

Edit: As for sweetness, I saw comments mentioning it wasn’t sweet enough. For me it was on point. More sweet would be tiring.

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@Weiwa They are adding more B12 as it is from a vegan source and harder to be absorbed by the body, and also excess B12 is just expulsed by the body, so you can really eat a lot of it without a problem.