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Got the new Pizza Bar today

Hello there! I am new to Plenny since today, and the first thing that I tried was the only thing that was delivered that I didn’t buy. The new Pizza flavoured Plenny Bar.

I am really impressed. I obviously cannot compare it to other flavors of the bar (as I tried none), but in itself the Bar has a very nice texture, consistency, and has a good pizza flavor. But you really need to get used to it, as it does not taste like a healthy snack AT ALL, but like one of these pizza pastries that you can get in the supermarket or at the bakery. And that’s why I wouldn’t buy it. When having healthy snacks, I like them to have a “clean” taste, like choco or vanilla, but not something like that. It doesn’t really fit for me. But as said, it’s very well done - I guess everyone who likes these pastries or pizza itself, and does not have a problem with it, will really like this bar.

I hope the review makes any sense as I tried to combine my positive experience with the reason I “hate” it. :smiley:

All in all I guess my review sums up to the point that I really like how the flavor and the bar is made, but not the flavor itself.


I saw it in the newsletter.
Whaaaaaaaat? Pizza flavor? I’m in! Way better than the proposed fig one, I think. And certainly an exciting flavor no other brand have.
I’m a bit concerned as the previous poster, but I hope I won’t get grossed out by having a pizza meal everyday :sweat_smile:

Anyone who had PlennyBars before can confirm on the texture? It’s the same as the others?


@Mr.Floppy, yes, the texture is the same.

So I got one with my order today and tried it. I have to say that compared to the old bars I am really not a fan of the new ones. While the vanilla one is decent, I would take the old vanilla one any day over it. The salted caramel is just really really not my thing (as it is way too salty) so I am still ordering the old ones until you run out.

The pizza bar is a step in the right direction for me. It is a lot better than I expected and is by far my favourite among the new bars. Though this does have to be put into perspective of the use case of the bar. I cant see myself eating this every day and would only make this the occasional bar in-between which does make things difficult with the current amount of bars per order (per kind). Even the portion itself, while it doesnt bother me with the vanilla bar for example, is too much for me for this one due to the quite strong flavour.

When it comes to branding, I think branding this as pizza sends wrong message. While it does resemble “pizza flavour” I would much rather focus on it being strong on herbs and tomatoes.

While the softer texture of the old bars agreed better with the sweet flavors, I feel the texture of the new bars does agree well with this one.

Thanks for including one in my order. I hope this is helpful.

I just got my pizza bar as well and immediately tried it. First of all I love pizza and I am not eating super healthy all-the-time, so I am not turned off by marketing the bar as pizza. However, “Veggies and herbs” would also work for me. When I opened it I really liked the smell of the bar. It totally smells like pizza and I am very much into that. I tried a bite and liked the taste in my mouth. After the second byte already it felt a bit dry and crumbly. The small pieces of dried tomatoes (?) gave it a nice feeling when eating it overall and the herbs were well noticable. So for me it could be stronger on the tomato paste side and a bit juicier overall.

I would not eat that bar every day (because I usually eat shakes), but I would totally buy a box of pizza bars for “emergency” situations. After all, great direction researching on a salty flavor. I agree with @Kaito on the salted caramel, because I also find it way too salty and don’t like that taste although I like real salted caramel.

Great opportunity to test this bar, thanks guys. Good luck with that flavor!


I got mine today as well and I loved it. It definitely smelt like pizza upon opening the bar and its really strongly flavoured. It was really nice on the first bite, but I feel like the flavour is a little overpowering by the time I got to the end of it. Going on taste alone (ignoring smell and branding), I don’t think pizza would be my first guess, it was more just tomato-y (maybe like pasta sauce) I quite like @z0rgs suggestion of “Veggies and herbs” although pizza is definitely more eye-catching.

The flavour is a bit strong (compared to other bars) for me to have every day (or at least, especially not for breakfast - like I did today) but I will deffo buy these when they hit the virtual shelves. The texture was also really nice, not as tough as the other bars (goo-ey isnt the right word, but the bar was more malleable - maybe the heat got to it - it is a hot day today). Better texture than the other bars.

If I could make one suggestion though it would be to dial back on the strength of the taste a little, it is by far the boldest flavour of the ones I’ve tried (caramel, vanilla and chocolate - and I have these everyday).

I joined the forum so that I could give my feedback, and am sad that I missed out on the other flavours of bars currently in testings. But I’m super excited to see this kind of experimentation and can’t wait to see the final results!

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I am sorry to say. But I am not a fan of the new pizza taste. I find it impossible to eat the rest. I really like the vanilla, salty caramel bar and all the others one. But pizza taste? No thanks. If I want to eat a pizza, I will order a real pizza. :slight_smile:


Got it as well. Not sure if I like it or not. I don’t mind the taste, but it feels wrong to eat pizza as a bar. It might just be a taste that I need to acquire.

I like however that this is less candy-like than the other flavors and I think you’re onto something. I agree with the others that this opened my mind for some kind of “veggies and herbs” bar, because I enjoyed the tomato and the herbs in this one.

It was fun to try out and I hope this leads to something excellent!

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Also received the Pizza bar and was totally surprised and intrigued!

  1. Flavour: the savory flavors do remind me of pizza (onions, herb notes smack you in the face, leaves you with pizza breath afterwards. Fun!)
  2. Texture: I tend to associate bars with sweetness/dessert flavors. With a “pizza” flavor, I was almost expecting the texture to resemble bread, or at least a cracker. I am a an avid baker and make my own breads and pizzas at home, so the texture reminded me of eating an experimental dough that wasn’t fully developed, underbaked and pressed into a bar, which isn’t appetizing. But I’ve been conditioned to accept this texture with cookies/nutrition bars, so this could be a cognition thing for me individually.

Suggestion: Since the flavour is decent, it might be super interesting to provide a different type of texture while delivering the same nutritional value, like super crunchy/crispy crackers or a bag of chips. This might take longer to consume than the bar, but the savoury flavour is delivered a more conventional yet fun format.

Thanks for including me in the experiment, and interested to see the results!

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I would advise you to hold on to your horses before you get your expectations too high. Other people in this thread have summarized very well how I feel about it.

In fact, I think this is a more accurate name for the bar when it comes to taste. It reminded be of some herb and tomato breadsticks they sell in some European supermarkets.

However, I do understand that putting Pizza in the name is much better when marketing. My only issue with this is that the expectations are set high, and then you get a bigger “disappointment”.

I think this is the “only” pizza thing the bar has.

I agree, but I wouldn’t say it has a strong pizza flavour. It ends up being a bit sickening and hard to finish in my opinion. I taste the tomato and herbs, but not the cheese. It should have stronger cheese undertones, but usually in this format the cheese tastes very tacky and artificial (when thinking about cheese bread sticks).

Another comment that is spot on. There’s some crispiness (I assume from soy crisps?) that feels really off. Overall, the texture reminds you of a flapjack, but the taste is saying otherwise. It is a bit off-putting.

All in all, I like the fact that this is a new idea; but I am not sold on the results.

Just tried the new bar and I’ve got to say that I love it.
The first bite seemed strange, as the bars other flavors are sweet, but once the flavor hit me, I was sold.
I really really like this one and will buy it as soon as it is available.

omg I had pizza for breakfast all week :pizza:

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I also got the pizza bar today and it was the best bar I have ever tried, the flavour is just superb, although I wouldn’t call it pizza, but rather tomato and basil. I really liked the texture as well, it’s a bit more dry and not as chewy as the Vanilla for example and I really enjoyed that, making it easier to consume with a crispy feeling. This bar was just perfect for me and I will buy twenty boxes as soon as they get released, I hope that I don’t have to wait too long!

I tried the pizza bar today. I am a big fan of pizza and was curious to taste it. I listed my thoughts (although these points have already been brought up by others):

  • It smells kind of like pizza.
  • The taste is 90% sun-dried tomatoes.
  • The taste is so strong I had trouble finishing the whole bar. I ate the last two bites with a slice of cheese, this made it taste a bit more like actual pizza.

If you are going for an actual pizza flavour I think there should be more to it than just the sun-dried tomatoes. Mainly I’m missing a cheese (-like) flavour (I get that this is probably not easily added).
If you can tone the intensity of the taste down a bit it would be more enjoyable. And like others said, maybe market this as ‘tomato & herbs’ instead of pizza.

Just tried the pizza bar today and I really enjoyed it! Immediately could smell pizza when I unwrapped it and I think that really sold the flavour to me.

I agree with a lot of what people are saying about the tomato and herbs really coming through, but I did also taste what I can only describe as fake melted cheese. Could possible be imagined, but it reminded me of those Chicago Town microwavable deep pan pizza that I used to have as a kid. Definitely a good thing in my books!

Anyone have the nutritional info on this bar? I’ve lost the packaging sheet that came with it and can’t find anything online! Got a friend asking if it’s vegan (which I’m assuming it will be!) And I’m interested in the cals.

Anyway, hoping they make this a fully fledged flavour in the future!

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Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the feedback. Very helpful, thanks!


Here you go!


Thanks a lot! Looks vegan to me!

I loved my pizza bar. It smelled and tasted exactly like pizza rolls. Though it did feel like I wasn’t eating a healthy snack, I would still buy boxes of these. I liked that this bar was not as hard as Plenny bars in other flavours. The softness reminded me of Twenny bars, which I actually liked more than the current Plenny bars.

Please release these and make the other Plenny bars softer as well! :slight_smile:


Now that you mention it, they do indeed have more a Twenny bar than a Plenny Bar mouth feel! Can’t wait until we launch these officially <3