Feedback and discussion on Plenny Bar pizza

So we gathered the feedback from v6 and made a new version that we want you to try. Please let us know what you think if you received one :slight_smile:


I’ve tried two other bars, the old vanilla twenny bar and the salted caramel. The first flavour I didn’t like and the second I liked, so I was interested to see where this would fall in the lineup.

I open it and take a whiff: the smell is very much like opening a box of day old pizza. Which, to me, is awesome. The spices have had time to mix and combine into a complex, memorable odour worthy of a Proust’s “In Search of Lost time”. It doesn’t -look- like pizza in any way, it actually looks quite bland with maybe some hints of red flecks - mild chillis, red peppers, sundried tomatoes? Who knows?

The first bite cracks with flavour. It’s not pizza, but it is pizza-like. The complex odour gives way to a complex flavour that is not overbearing or sharp (which is my problem with the old vanilla twennys), but is a well-balanced mixture of pizza-ish spices. The texture is very slightly crunchy, more like small crunchy parts embedded into a mixture that is moist enough to not be dry, but no more. It’s enjoyable to chew, the slight crunchiness adds a nice dimension.

I can imagine that I’m eating a pizza pastry that is very elegantly spiced. I had no problem finishing it, and like the other bars, it is quite satiating. It leaves a very delightful pizza-like aftertaste in my mouth.

Honestly I’m surprised that I could count this as a healthy meal for the day. It feels like I’m cheating somehow.

9/10 - would buy.

What an amazing review, thanks for the thumbs up <3