Plenny bar - pizza

Is there anyone who actually likes the Plenny BARS - PIZZA flavour??
I’d bet there is none ! :smiley:

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I accept that people have different tastes, and I have read from people saying they enjoy it. That said, I took one bite and almost vomited (not a joke – outside texture of a nugget-filled candy bar, smell of your typical processed pizza product, taste of stale plain spaghetti). So, for the sake of Jimmy Joy, I hope there are more people that like them. I, however, cannot stand it (nor most of the bar flavors – pretty much only eat Vanilla and haven’t been able to get it in the states for about a month now).


cannot agree more!
Personally i like caramel & salt the most

I love the pizza bar! :drooling_face: it reminds me of Combos (I used to eat them as a kid). Anyone else tried these before??

I like to cut the bar into small pieces (triangles because it’s pizza, right) and then eat it slowly while working on my laptop.


Welcome to JimmyJoy forum Yoyo_Loco!
I like the Pizza flavour, not my top1 but pretty good for a salty JimmyJoy dinner.
I don’t know the Combos, but also reminds me to all the snacks with pizza flavor, (oregano, tomato…)


I love them, I don’t like too much sweet stuff so they are perfect for me. The herbs taste really good

I like them! I think the pizza bar to me tastes more like a sundried tomato + spices flavour. I mean, what is “pizza” flavour except tomato sauce + bread anyway right?

I find the sugarly ones like Caramel Sea Salt are better for breakfast for me, but for lunch I much prefer the Pizza bars. It’s a bit strange now that I think about it hah. I don’t think I’d have a pizza flavoured shake though, that’d be weird.


I think it’s nice, my favourite is Almond & Fig, so I get some Pizza ones to alternate.

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Same here. Almost vomited as well.
my heart says yes to pizza flavor but for my head it’s a hard no. The texture doesn’t go well with the taste of the bar.

What about a Gazpacho style? Maybe the thick texture wouldn’t match it but I think there should be a limited edition of a savory shake. I mean, we will never know until we try it! :boom:

I bought a bunch of bars to try, including pizza because I’d like to have a savory option. It’s not great. It tastes very artificial. I find that the other bars that I’ve tried have a fairly subtle flavor. They’re not too sweet but they definitely taste like the flavor on the packaging. The pizza bar is anything but subtle. It tastes like artificial tomato and a lot of Italian spices.


I have a box left at home. Tried one, not gonna finish the rest. Anyone in Amsterdam or close by wants to have them?
(Hope this doesn’t go against community guidelines )

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Hi @Donald !

Not sure when you ordered these, but we can always have a look on our end as well to see if we can do something for you.
Feel free to get in touch through our Live Chat or for possible options if you don’t manage this way.


Not my favourite flavour, but I like it. Maybe I’d like it more if the cheese flavour was more intense or the overall flavour was less intense, but it’s ok.
That said, the only bar that I love is the caramel salt one.

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I love the pizza flavour the most!!


…Anyone around Bristol UK want a box of 11 Pizza Plenny Bars? I just discovered that this flavour is not for me :joy: Kinda reminds me of a minestrone Cup-A-Soup compressed into a bar :persevere:

DM me if interested and we’ll work something out!

To me, it’s awful. It starts good-ish but I’m overwhelmed by the third or fourth bite. Too salty, too much spice.

Ahhw, sorry to hear it’s not your cup of tea :frowning_face:
Feel free to check in with us through the Live Chat or to see what we can do for you. We do have a 30-day money back guarantee as well, so maybe we can work something out within that.

I hope the other Bars are more to your liking! :green_heart:

It is way way way too salty yes. If it had been less salty it might work for me, the taste itself isn’t bad IMHO.

My other problems with all the bars I’ve tried so far is that they’re so dry. So I prefer the Plenny shakes. Had one Pot as well now, and that was quite nice, excited to try the rest.

The bars I’ll look forward to from reading this topic though is caramel sea salt. I quite like this taste it chocolate, so it might fit me. (Yeah, I do like salty things, but not super-over-salted like the Pizza bar).

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Thanks for your feedback @odinho, much appreciated!
We’re sorry to hear you experience the Bars as being too dry, we will for sure put this forward to the R&D department for checks and possible options for the future recipe’s. Keep in mind, if you really do not like something, we have the 30-day money-back guarantee in place for that. If you would like us to check if you can make use of that, feel free to check in with us through our Live Chat option on the website or via email at