Plenny bar - pizza

Is there anyone who actually likes the Plenny BARS - PIZZA flavour??
I’d bet there is none ! :smiley:

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I accept that people have different tastes, and I have read from people saying they enjoy it. That said, I took one bite and almost vomited (not a joke – outside texture of a nugget-filled candy bar, smell of your typical processed pizza product, taste of stale plain spaghetti). So, for the sake of Jimmy Joy, I hope there are more people that like them. I, however, cannot stand it (nor most of the bar flavors – pretty much only eat Vanilla and haven’t been able to get it in the states for about a month now).

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cannot agree more!
Personally i like caramel & salt the most

I love the pizza bar! :drooling_face: it reminds me of Combos (I used to eat them as a kid). Anyone else tried these before??

I like to cut the bar into small pieces (triangles because it’s pizza, right) and then eat it slowly while working on my laptop.


Welcome to JimmyJoy forum Yoyo_Loco!
I like the Pizza flavour, not my top1 but pretty good for a salty JimmyJoy dinner.
I don’t know the Combos, but also reminds me to all the snacks with pizza flavor, (oregano, tomato…)


I love them, I don’t like too much sweet stuff so they are perfect for me. The herbs taste really good

I like them! I think the pizza bar to me tastes more like a sundried tomato + spices flavour. I mean, what is “pizza” flavour except tomato sauce + bread anyway right?

I find the sugarly ones like Caramel Sea Salt are better for breakfast for me, but for lunch I much prefer the Pizza bars. It’s a bit strange now that I think about it hah. I don’t think I’d have a pizza flavoured shake though, that’d be weird.


I think it’s nice, my favourite is Almond & Fig, so I get some Pizza ones to alternate.

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Same here. Almost vomited as well.
my heart says yes to pizza flavor but for my head it’s a hard no. The texture doesn’t go well with the taste of the bar.

What about a Gazpacho style? Maybe the thick texture wouldn’t match it but I think there should be a limited edition of a savory shake. I mean, we will never know until we try it! :boom:

I bought a bunch of bars to try, including pizza because I’d like to have a savory option. It’s not great. It tastes very artificial. I find that the other bars that I’ve tried have a fairly subtle flavor. They’re not too sweet but they definitely taste like the flavor on the packaging. The pizza bar is anything but subtle. It tastes like artificial tomato and a lot of Italian spices.

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