Want to take over some Plenny Bars?

Hello there,
I was wondering: is there somebody who really likes the Plenny Bar flavors Pizza, Caramel/Sea-salt and/or Almond/Fig? I have 6 bars Pizza, 3 bars of Caramel/Sea-salt and 2 bars of Almond/Fig left and I notice that I just really like the Vanilla ones the best so I’m not eating all the other flavors (anymore).
Does anybody want to take them over (for a small price?). I’m living in Amsterdam, but can of course ship it somewhere. Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:
Bye, Nina

Sure why not? Let me a private message!

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Okay great, thanks! :innocent:

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Fantastic to see this <3
Keep in mind the 30 day money back guarantee as well for items not to your liking.


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Will you send me the private message? It seems I’m not able to send you one :see_no_evil:

You can also email me on ninaknaack17@gmail.com :slight_smile: