Exchanging my plenny bars :-)

Hey there…

Some week ago I got my Plenny Bars, but unfortunately it turned out that they are not that good for me. I always get some sort of stomach pain after eating them. I guess I am allergic to some of the ingredients, or the maltodextrine in it.

Anyways, as they’re now laying around and no one of my friends is into this kind of food, I thought I may find someone who is interested to exchange them for a bag of Plenny Shake :slight_smile:
5 of them are Caramel Seasalt flavour, the other 10 are Chocolate flavoured.

Just hit me up in the PMs and we’ll discuss anything else. It doesn’t have to match up with the value, I would just like to have something in exchange so I don’t have to starve, haha

Ah and I guess I need to say that I am in Germany, I am not sure but I guess shipping to NL or anywhere else could be costly for both of us


Hi Stefan, any luck with getting rid of these bars?

I could take the chocolate bars off of you. Sent you a PM :wink:

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You probably already found somebody to send those to, right? :see_no_evil: