So you think 2€ is ok for the twennybar

I know the twennybar is new, but I would like to see it a bit cheaper. Like just 5-20ct less. Can you make this happen, jimmyjoy-plennyshake-team? :smiley:

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From their Facebook page:

Are these going to get cheaper as production steps up?
If we can make them for a lower price then of course, but we expect them to stay €2 each.

5 bars / 10€ ? Will this price change in the future?
Nope, they’ll stay €2 each

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Hi @cl.mertig! We unfortunately can’t sell them for less just now, but we definitely consider offering bulk discounts on future orders too.

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I thought it was a tad expensive initially too, but once I actually held the thing in my hand I was suprised at how big it was. And it’s super filling. It’s a snack that actually gets rid of your munchy feelings rather than going back to get 2 - 5 more biscuits, haha.

One a day a few hours or so before I go to sleep is what i’ve been doing to curb the night hunger. In addition to 2 normal jimmyjoy-plennyshake shakes.