Pricing of the Plenny Bar

For the one time purchases:
€2,50 for 12 to 24 bars
€2,37 for 24 to 36 bars
€2,25 for 36 to ∞ bars

Subscription 10% discount:
€2,25 for 12 to 24 bars
€2,13 for 24 to 36 bars
€2,02 for 36 to ∞ bars

For comparison the pricing of the Twenny Bar:

One time purchases:
€ 2,25 for 5 to ∞ bars

For subscriptions 15% discount:
€1,91 per 5 to ∞ bars

Reasoning: The Plenny Bar is larger 400kcal in comparison to 387kcal and is more expensive for us to produce which is reflected in the price.

By adding tiers to the pricing we want to encourage larger and less frequent orders which means less shipping & packaging which is a greener solution. It also means less order fulfillment with which we aim to increase profitability.


So, just to do the math on 400kcal, the one off price is 6%, 1%, **-**8% increase, the sub price is 13%, 7% or 2% increase from previous, which lines up with what you’re saying. Especially if the cost of producing is more. Seems totally fair to me! Adjusting Tweeny for 400kcal, would make it €2,32 one off, or €1,98 on subscription.

I like the tiered pricing, since that makes more sense. I’m just wondering though whole would be ordering in that sort of bulk? I currently consume 12 “meals” per week, so thus at 36 bars on subscription that’s a good 3 weeks worth of meals, and at a price difference of almost €1 per meal, that’s quite a bit of €€€. I can see me ordering some bars for going hiking, but I’m wondering whether I’d do more than 12 or go for more. Just small feedback, and I’m sure there’s a good user base of people buying these bars on the regular!


Thanks for your feedback. The shelf life of the bars are 12 months so a larger order spaced out longer in between is workable for most is my assessment.


Ah yes, good point! In which case, makes absolute sense.


Hey guys, is this tiered pricing still in place for US customers? I was looking at the plenny bar 2.0 pricing for subscriptions of different sizes, and it was staying constant at $2.55/bar regardless of order size. Apologies for reanimating an old post, but it seemed better than making a new post just for this question.

for the new Plenny Bar we have new pricing, so 2,55 is correct!

Sounds good, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify: the subscription prices are set at 15% off the base price, only the one-time prices are affected by the bulk discounts, up to 10%. They don’t stack :slight_smile: