Difference between Plenny and Twenny bars?

I’m currently using Twenny bars to replace lunches at work, but I saw Plenny bars in the store. What’s the difference between the two? Do they serve different purposes?

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Hi Alexander, that’s great to hear! Both bars serve the same purpose: easy and affordable nutrition! However, the Plenny Bar is vegan, whereas the Twenny Bars are not. And a different flavor of course. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same! :smiley:

Thanks for the response, Tim! Will both bars continue to be produced?

For the foreseeable future we’ll keep producing both, the Plenny Bar will be an extra product to the Jimmy Joy family :smiley:


I really like the plenny bar, but I am not vegan. For the nutritional profile which is better?

The Twenny bar is also cheaper

Both the bars have the same nutritional value!

Okay, I will change to the Twenny bars then, thanks!

Hello, I bought the Twenny bars and they are quite bad… i dont feel as filled that with the plenny bars. The texture is too moist, and its damn sweet, too much. It seems sucralose, its bad, specially on the vailla one… Its even difficult to eat that, my teeth get sensible…

I love Plenny Bars, they are amazing. But Twenny are quite bad :frowning:

That can happen. Unfortunately we can’t serve everybody’s taste buds.
You can return all unopened products for a refund. Just email us at love@jimmyjoy.com

Thank you, I just sent you an email to return them, i have tried but I cant handle them, I would like to return them and buy again the plenny bar

I mentioned you at the mail :wink:

This is not true at all. The nutritional value is completely different between Twenny Bars and Plenny Bars 2.0. Even the macro’s already are very different, according to the nutrition values on the website and packaging. Plenny Bars 2.0 have the updated nutrition value and are much more improved, although still not up to date with current EFSA recommendations (e.g. no choline and major lack of potassium.)
Still hoping Jimmy Joy will make more flavors of Plenny Bar soon, and update them to current EFSA recommendations.

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Looking at the macro’s, the difference between Plenny and Twenny - in my opinion - is rather negligible.

I wouldn’t call a decrease saturated fats from 3.9 to 1.7 g negligible, and I hope you are working with scientific values that are needed instead of opinions.
The biggest difference is indeed in the micro’s, where Plenny Bars are closer to the recommended values.

Ah yes, that’s fair. 3.9 tot 1/.7 is Indeed a considerable change, thanks for pointing that out!

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