Plenny und Twenny Bar testing

Hey there,

so I did not got any samples :frowning: … but a friend supplied me with the new chocolate and vanilla Plenny Bars from his last order and I tested them rigorously next to each other in alternate order.

Here my impression:
*) The Twenny Bars were more juicy and less hard to chew, in my case I like it harder as I eat them to my coffee breaks.
*) The chocolate Plenny Bar is a huge improvement in texture (harder, crisps) and taste, I can taste cocoa beans and not only chocolate powder. really awesome!
*) The vanilla Plenny Bar is much less intense (than all the other bars) and a bit too hard to chew (less crispy than the chocolate one), it takes some chewing to get the flavor out. But all in all not worse than the Twenny Bar.
*) Compared to the Caramel Sea Salt I like the chocolate as much if not a bit more. The vanilla is just not intense enough in comparison to keep up being eaten next to the others, but in it self also good.

I am happy to see Jimmy Joy going completely vegan! I am not eating 100% vegan myself, but I try to reduce eating animal products to a minimum and choose consciously what I buy if I do.

Only thing I don’t like about Jimmy Joy is the Ready to Drink products. A lot of unnecessary water being transported. Not sure how that is working with being sustainable.

So thanks for the new Plenny Bars! I will order soon :slight_smile:

Hi Onk, thanks for the feedback - appreciate it!

Transporting water might not seem super conscious and I would agree that shipping just powder and adding water locally is the better option but it leaves out all other product options. Since the products are vegan and have the expiration date of a year, I think they make up for the fact that they contain water. Would you agree?

Would you agree?

ähh no, not at all … can’t see how that is related. i understand that you loose a whole market there. question is what are your products about? you claim sustainability … that is mainly why i personally buy the powder and the bars.

96g plenny shake powder takes 300ml (so about 300g water) to mix. so i assume a rtd is about 4 times as heavy for the same nutrients, plus volume … and eventually more/worse trash with the terapak style bottles. ?!?

try imagining a delivery of 10 481g plenny shake package plus a 10 vegan unlimited-expiration-date bottle of 1500ml water. the water is additional 15kg and a whole additional box … that is how this feels to me, what a waste! i understand there are countries without high quality tap water, but still one can buy locally sourced water.

like i said, awesome that it is vegan and has a long expiration date, i am a big fan of your products … but it just has nothing to do with transporting unnecessary weight of water.

I guess that’s fair, Onk! Appreciate you pointing that out.