Vanilla Plenny Bar too hard?

My first Jimmy Joy standard was the Vanilla Twenny Bars, which were pretty good.

I just purchased a box of Vanilla Plenny Bars to try them out. I have also tried all the other Plenny Bars, and unexpectedly, the Vanilla Plenny Bar, even though it’s quite tasty, it’s quite hard to bite, much harder than the other Plenny bars I tried.

All the Plenny Bars are harder to bite than the Twenny Bars, which is my only complaint on them. But Vanilla specifically, is hard enough that it’s unpleasant, and I’m finding myself biting it with my side teeth because sometimes the front ones even hurt by biting into it.

First off, is this other have encountered? Do you have any suggestions to soften the bar by myself?

Second, Jimmy Joy, are there plans to make the Plenny Bars softer, if possible?

I’ve been living on Plenny Bars (pretty much entirely, aside from snacks… previously lived on Plenny Shakes for a couple years) for a few months or so now, and I’d say it varies from batch to batch. Sometimes they’re very hard, sometimes they’re softer… but it feels like they’re usually quite hard to bite. Don’t think it depends on the flavor, it’s the same with other flavors I’ve tried. I’m fine with it, it does taste better when they’re a bit softer though. At least once I thought it got a bit softer by staying in my pocket for several hours (warmer by body warmth?)… but it might just have been a coincidence. I’ve tried microwaving it but it didn’t work out too well :sweat_smile:

Good to hear you are enjoying the bars. We are actually experimenting with making them softer while still keeping the crunch. So it’s definitely something we are considering!

All feedback is noted and passed to our research and development team. The more feedback we get the easier we can prioritize improvements. So thank you for that <3

What helps to make them a bit softer is leaving them in the warm oven for a bit. The microwave heats the inside too fast so that’s why it doesn’t work :slight_smile:


Have been noticing this too, started with the Twenny Bars (loved both of them), but when they were gone, the Plenny bars were both texture and taste wise unfortunately not as good as the Twenny Bars… plus more expensive :see_no_evil:

And indeed especially the vanilla flavor (Plenny Bar), discontinued to order this flavor for this reason… understandable that there is sometimes 1 or 2 bars that are perhaps a bit harder (can happen), but last time before I discontinued, the whole pack, all the bars were like hard rocket… :grimacing:

Helps for me to break small bite sizes of the Plenny Bars and eat them that way; biting in to them they are way too hard for me (or maybe it’s just me haha idk)… What also helps is keeping the bars is a not too cold, room temperature environment to soften them up. Not too warm ofc (they will become sticky), but don’t store them in basement/room without temp regulation cause then they will become rocks haha

Wished JJ would have kept Twenny Bars as cheaper option though… understandable that they want to offer vegan bars as well, but JJ used to be only company I new off with good meal replacement bars that were not that expensive, and since switching over to only Plenny Bars unfortunately I have to consider looking at other options for bars :see_no_evil:

Thanks, I’ll try to warm them up and see if that helps.

That’s something I found out too. Ever production lacks regularity or they are trying things… But it changes at each order
I usually eat them with coffee so I have been able to ignore this issue.

I actually like the hardness of the bar. It feels like a workout for my jaw. XD

But I would not be opposed to them being slightly softer.

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I tried warming it up in the oven for a bit and it did become much softer and better! Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

Vanilla bars are delicious!

In my experience, the vanilla bars are definetly the hardest bite but I still like them as they are. Vanille are chocolate are my favorites.

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